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Applications » Lime Scale

Lime Scale

Filter mod kalk

Lime is found in our water, it is very natural because it is poured from the underground, which is partly the best of lime. Surroundings: there with a lot of lime, there is a lot of water, and vice versa. Surroundings: with less lime, water has a blend of water.

The hardness of water is measured in ° dH. It is an expression of how many milligrams of lime there are in a liter of water. The more lime, the harder is the water.

In the home we can find lime, all places where there is water.

The lime sets as: White deposits, particles that may be difficult to get rid of.

The lime sets on: Luminaires, washbasins, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers, tiles and glasses.

Additionally, filters, faucets in your thermostat, in your clothes and in many other places. Lime creates other genes besides being a cosmetic problem. Lime shortens the life of hot water containers, dishwashers, pipes and many other things. When the lime gets caught, the heaters and the pipes, the machines use more energy and need to "work harder". Therefore, the life of the machines will be shorter. Hard water also requires that you need more soap to clean the clothes, which results in our clothes being worn quickly.

ScaleGard P115E - 600 liters - No Bypass

EUR 53,00EUR 66,25
Item no:E-7100017167

Brita Purity C50 - Coffe - 960 liter

EUR 59,00EUR 73,75
Item no:BR102830

ScaleGard P124-BNE - 1600 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 84,00EUR 105,00
Item no:E-7100017165

AP3 filter C765-S kalk (sediments)

EUR 87,00EUR 108,75
Item no:E-XA300000693

Brita Purity C150 - Coffe - 2408 liter

EUR 89,00EUR 111,25
Item no:BR102828

ScaleGard P165E - 1725 liter - No Bypass

EUR 115,00EUR 143,75
Item no:E-7100022160

ScaleGard P165-BNE - 2300 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 115,00EUR 143,75
Item no:E-7100016375

Brita Purity C300 - Coffe - 4000 liter

EUR 134,00EUR 167,50
Item no:BR102826

ScaleGard P195-BNE - 3800 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 144,00EUR 180,00
Item no:E-7100016374

Brita Purity C500 - Coffe - 6800 liter

EUR 207,00EUR 258,75
Item no:BR102827

ScaleGard P1175E - 4500 liter - No Bypass

EUR 249,00EUR 311,25
Item no:E-7100017172

ScaleGard P1175-BNE - 6000 liter - 25% Bypass

EUR 249,00EUR 311,25
Item no:E-7100016373

Brita Purity C1100 - Coffe - 11500 liter

EUR 288,00EUR 360,00
Item no:BR1012446