3M AP3 filter C762-M - Bacteria reduction

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Filter only. Heads sold separately.

AP3 is an activated carbon filter with a built-in 0.2 µm filter membrane.

The filter membrane retains 99.99% of bacteria in the water and the activated charcoal improves taste and smell.

The AP3 is designed for mounting under the sink or near where you need the water.

For best filtration, it is recommended to use the filter only on a single tap.

Brita Purity C1000 AC - 10000 liter

Brita Purity C1000 AC - 10000 liter

3M AP3 filter C765-S-E - Activated Carbon

3M AP3 filter C765-S-E - Activated Carbon

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Specifically designed for Point of Use Water Dispensers
and Drinking Water Systems

The challenge
Provide the best possible quality water to enhance your brand, protect your machine and increase your profits.
The solution
3M Filtration filter systems provide ease of use and market leading protection for both your product and machine.

Features & Benefits

  • Sanitary Quick Change cartridge -> For clean and easy change-out
  • High flow, high capacity -> Meets requirements of high flow machines
  • Built in valve-in-head -> Cartridge change-out without shutting off the water supply
  • Proprietary graded carbon block -> No activation or extended flush for ease of installation
  • A choice of different media -> To reduce chlorine taste and odour, sediment down to 0,2 µm and remove >99,99% of bacteria
  • FDA compliant materials -> Can be used in food and beverage applications
More Information
Capacity7600 litres
Filtration Rate (micron)0.2 µm
TechnologyActivate Carbon
Reduction ClaimsTaste & Odour, Chlorine, Sediment, Bacteria, Cyst, Colour
ApplicationsDrinking Water
Max. Pressure8,6 bar
Max. Temperature38 °C
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