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ScaleGard P124-BNE - 1600 liter - 25% Bypass

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Filter only. Heads sold separately.

ScaleGard Pro is the 3M series of lime filters for professionals. The filters yield using ion-exchange technology the calcions with salt ions. Not only does the filtration protect your kitchen appliances from lime and particles, but it also optimizes the taste for e.g. coffee brewing. The filter must be mounted in a VH3 filter head.

ScaleGard P115E - 600 liters - No Bypass

ScaleGard P115E - 600 liters - No Bypass

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3M SGP (Scalegard® Pro) range includes buffered and unbuffered resin products with scale reduction capacities from 600 L to 8400 L. These reduce scale formation in coffee and vending machines, and through leaving essential minerals in the water produce great tasting hot drinks.

3M SGP range supplies the SQC (sanitary quick change) solution to getting optimum scale reduction performance from your coffee or vending equipment. With a range of capacities to meet a range of equipment, you can optimise filter change versus number of cups made.

Features & Benefits

  • Changing cartridges is quick and sanitary (SQC) with no need to shut off water supply, and can be done by non-skilled staff saving costly engineering time
  • The range features a common head connection to help with upsizing or allows a product from another range to be retrofitted
  • No need to shut off water supply - changing cartridges is quick and sanitary (SQC) and can be done by non-skilled staff, saving you costly engineering time
More Information
Capacity1600 litres
Manufacturer3M Purification
TechnologyIon Exchange
Reduction ClaimsChlorine, Scale
ApplicationsDrinking Water, Coffee
Max. Pressure6.9 bar
Max. Temperature37.8 °C
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