NP 120 Reverse Osmosis - For Espresso

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An APRO NP 120 is a reverse osmosis system that has several advantages. The system can both be connected to a professional coffee setup, but also has its justification in private homes. The system is optimal where you do not want a completely ordinary reverse osmosis system, as here you have the option of mixing the filtered reverse osmosis water with ordinary inlet water. The water here is filtered through the K7B membrane filter cartridge to remove bacteria and viruses and thus gives a perfectly balanced end result.

APRO NP 120 carefully removes all the impurities that affect the taste of a drink. At the same time, the plant leaves the necessary minerals that are essential to achieve a rich coffee taste, refreshing tea or just clean water.

The mineralization is easy to adjust and runs completely stably.

Advantages of APRO NP 120:

  • Ultra-low energy consumption - Patented technology
  • User-friendly operation
  • Mineralization bypass through membrane
  • Stable taste
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance

The set also contains a Viking filter housing incl. a filter to protect the APRO 120

If the APRO NP 80 or 120 is to be used in an area with hard water, it is recommended to fit a Smartflow softener in front, to protect the APRO NP even more. Smartflow Water softener

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NP 80 Reverse Osmosis - For Espresso

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Build in functionAdjustable mineralization by bypass
Inlet Connection3/8" 3G
Outlet Connection1/4" 3G
Concentrate Outlet Connection1/4" 3G
Max. Inlet TDS1500 ppm
Max. Temperature40 °C
Flow (l/min)2
Production of Clean Water LPH120
max. Reduction of salt content, %Up to 95%
Membrane Quantity2
System recovery, %50
Power Supply24VDC (AC/DC adapter is installed)
Dimensions, mm485 x 215 x 662 mm