NP 80 Reverse Osmosis - For Espresso

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An APRO NP 80 is a reverse osmosis system that has been specially developed to be connected to a professional coffee setup.

APRO NP 80 carefully removes all the impurities that affect the taste of a drink. At the same time, the plant leaves the necessary minerals that are essential to achieve a rich coffee taste, refreshing tea or just clean water.

The mineralization is easy to adjust and runs completely stably.

Advantages of APRO NP 80:

  • Ultra-low energy consumption - Patented technology
  • User-friendly operation
  • Adjustable mineralization
  • Stable taste
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance

The set also contains:

  • 2 pcs. Crystal K2 cartridges for pre-filtration.
  • A Gross 10" filterhousing incl. an active carbon filter
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More Information
Build in functionAdjustable mineralization by bypass
Inlet Connection3/8" 3G
Outlet Connection3/8" 3G
Concentrate Outlet Connection3/8" 3G
Max. Inlet TDS1500 ppm
Max. Temperature40 °C
Flow (l/min)1,33
Production of Clean Water LPH80
max. Reduction of salt content, %Up to 95%
Membrane Quantity1
Prefilter2 x K2 cartridge
System recovery, %50
Power Supply24VDC (AC/DC adapter is installed)
Dimensions, mm480 х 290 х 540 mm