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  1. Crystal HB - Blødgørende System m. Bakterie Filter
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Scale, Bacteria, Taste & Odour, Heavy Metals, Organics

    Full price €292.88 €234.30 Regular Price €308.61

    Crystal HB System is the same as the well known Crystal H Softening System, with the addition of a Bacteria Filter that all plugs up in the convenient Quadro head.

    Also included in the package is hoses and the optional faucet.

  2. Softener A1000 - 20,8 L/min
    • Flow: 20.8 l/min
    €1,672.94 €1,338.35

    Aquaphor Model 1000 have fully automatic processor control snd demonstrate exceptional salt efficiency and high iron removal. Systems employ innovative Dual Core Valves that increase regeneration. Efficient and durable softener tank contain extra fine mesh, tightly compacted, chlorine resistant ion-exchange resin.
    Revolutionary water softener with Patented Dual Core valve.

  3. Crystal H Vand System (K3, KH, K7) - Blødgørende
    • Connection: 6mm JG (hose)
    • Capacity: 6000 litres
    • Flow: 2.5 l/min
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Cyst, Scale, Ocher, Taste & Odour, Rust, Organics, Colour
    €193.47 €154.78

    The Crystal series from Aquaphor is a modular filter system that lets you select the steps of the filtration you need.

    The Crystal H system consists of 3 effective filters, each with their own task:

    • K3 - Active Carbon Block Pre-filter - Retains the coarsest particles, heavy metals and organic impurities and protects the subsequent filters.
    • KH (K4) - Ion exchanger Softener cartridge - Ion exchanger replaces the calcium ions in the water with sodium ions.
    • K7 - Active Carbon Block End Filter - Taste optimizes the water for drinking water while retaining the remaining particles in the water.

    Crystal fits on a single faucet and the compact system fits perfectly in the kitchen cabinet under the sink.

    The kit comes with everything you need to mount the filter as well as an extra faucet if you only want to use the filtered water when needed.

    We recommend changing the filter cartridges after 6 months or 6000 liters. Filter change is easy as the filter head automatically shuts off the water when the cartridges are unscrewed.

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3 Items

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