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  1. About us

    About us
  2. Freight



    * According to new EU rules, all shipments over 20kg must be sent on the pallet....

    Filter-online strives to ship orders placed before kl. 14 same day, order then shipped

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  3. Water filter for well drilling


    Water filter for well drilling...

    If you wish to be self-sufficient in water rather than buying it through a waterworks, a private well is the way forward. The solution is cheaper,

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  4. Avoid ocher in your water


    Avoid ochre in your water...

    Ochre is a by-product made from a so-called iron bacterium. The bacterium is found almost everywhere on the planet and thus also in the tap water. The ochre bacterium survives by oxidising

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  5. microSiemens to ppm guide


    microSiemens for ppm guide...

    The conductivity of water is calculated in microSiemens per centimetre (µS/cm), which is an important factor for many industries.
    microSiemens per centimetre in water

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  6. What is Activated Carbon


    What is activated carbon?...

    (Activated Carbon is Active Carbon that has come in contact with water. It goes from active state to being activated.)

    Activated carbon is very

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  7. Green hair can be caused by ocher


    Green hair can be caused by ocher

    If you find that the water from your shower head colours your hair green, it is probably due to ochre in your tap water...

    Ochre is a by-product

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  8. Calcium-free Water


    Calcium-free water provides many advantages to the everyday household...

    Many people talk about the importance of fighting calcium in the water and avoiding limescale in the bathroom

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  9. Water Softener


    What does a Smartflow water softener system mean for your home? ...

    With a water softener system from Filter-Online, your tap water will reach the recommended water hardness

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