1. Sustainable Development Goal - What we do at Filter-Online

    Sustainable Development Goal - What we do at Filter-Online

    For a long time, Filter-Online has wanted to more actively follow some of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We all have a shared responsibility to make the world a greener place to live in...

    Achieving this d

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  2. Drinking water - Is it really that borring?

    Drinking water - Is it really that borring?

    Drinking water – is it really that boring?...

    Many people think so, and we often hear that water has no taste and that it all tastes the same. When we say that, i

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  3. Water purification

    3 part VANA water filter for a water purification system

    Water purification with a water purification system...

    We often belive that our drinking water is clean, and that we don't need for a water purification system in our homes. In by far the majority of cases, this is correct.

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  4. What is water treatment?

    Clean water poured from a pitcher after undergoing treatment from a water system.

    What is water treatment...

    Generally speaking, water treatment is a broad term. Quite simply, it depends on the needs of the individual consumer - that is, what the water treatment needs to do to meet the consumer’s r

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  5. Lime scale in water

    A high amount of calcium in your water can result in blocked faucets and residue in kitchen appliances.

    Lime scale in water...

    In Denmark we generally put up with very hard water - some places are worse than others. Water that is very hard normally contains a substantial quantity of lime scale. A certain amount of lime

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  6. What does water from a well contain, and how can I purify it?

    Old fashioned water pump pumping water up from a well digging.

    There are dozens of options for purifying water from a well. It depends on what and how much you wish to purify and filter, as well as the purpose for which the purified water is to be used. How many requirements are set?

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  7. Water filter


    The most common reason why people use water filters is because they want to filter pesticides and viruses from their drinking water. Our water is full of pesticides from agriculture and viruses from the ground, as it has not been purified before it reaches our taps. We have written an article about water’s journey from the ground to the tap, which gives you a more detailed insight into this.

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  8. Reverse Osmosis - What can it do for you


    Reverse osmosis is an older technology that was developed in the 1950s. The purpose of the technology is, unlike a carbon filter, to more or less eradicate all components in the water. This means that when the water has been treated in the system it "comes out on the other side" so pure that it does not actually contain anything other than its own molecules. Originally the idea was to extract drinking water from seawater, which to this day is still relevant.
    We sell reverse osmosis systems both for the private household and for the industry.

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  9. Water filter for well drilling


    Water filter for well drilling...

    If you wish to be self-sufficient in water rather than buying it through a waterworks, a private well is the way forward. The solution is cheaper,

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  10. Avoid ocher in your water


    Avoid ochre in your water...

    Ochre is a by-product made from a so-called iron bacterium. The bacterium is found almost everywhere on the planet and thus also in the tap water. The ochre bacterium survives by oxidising

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