1. Get rid of particles or impurities with a water filter


    The most common reason why people use water filters is because they want to filter pesticides and viruses from their drinking water. Our water is full of pesticides from agriculture and viruses from the ground, as it has not been purified before it reaches our taps. We have written an article about water’s journey from the ground to the tap, which gives you a more detailed insight into this.

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  2. Reverse Osmosis - What can it do for you


    Reverse osmosis is an older technology that was developed in the 1950s. The purpose of the technology is, unlike a carbon filter, to more or less eradicate all components in the water. This means that when the water has been treated in the system it "comes out on the other side" so pure that it does not actually contain anything other than its own molecules. Originally the idea was to extract drinking water from seawater, which to this day is still relevant.
    We sell reverse osmosis systems both for the private household and for the industry.

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  3. Water filter for well drilling


    Water filter for well drilling

    If you wish to be self-sufficient in water rather than buying it through a waterworks, a private well is the way forward. The solution is cheaper, but of course it also...

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  4. Avoid ocher in your water


    Avoid ochre in your water

    Ochre is a by-product made from a so-called iron bacterium. The bacterium is found almost everywhere on the planet and thus also in the tap water. The ochre bacterium survives by oxidising the minerals dissolved...

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  5. What is Activated Carbon


    What is activated carbon?

    (Activated Carbon is Active Carbon that has come in contact with water. It goes from active state to being activated.)

    Activated carbon is very effective when it comes...

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  6. Green hair can be caused by ocher


    Green hair can be caused by ocher

    If you find that the water from your shower head colours your hair green, it is probably due to ochre in your tap water.

    Ochre is a by-product made from a so-called...

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  7. Calcium-free Water


    Calcium-free water provides many advantages to the everyday household

    Many people talk about the importance of fighting calcium in the water and avoiding limescale in the bathroom and in the kitchen...

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  8. Water Softener


    What does a Smartflow water softener system mean for your home? 

    With a water softener system from Filter-Online, your tap water will reach the recommended water hardness of 4-6 degrees - you will...

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  9. Water filter jugs

    Water filter jugs

    Water filter jug - or water jug with a filter

    If you think clean drinking water sounds tempting, then a water filter jug is the thing for you.

    A water filter jug is a water jug with an associated...

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