Filter Element Size Guide

There are many types of filter element sizes, lengths and shapes. Manufacturers make these filters in reasonably standardized lengths and diameters - whether it is 2.5 "or 40".

However, there may be small deviations in fit in length if, for example. has a filter housing and filter element that does not come from the same manufacturer. In such a situation where the filter "sits loose" inside the filter housing after the head is closed tightly, you can use a gasket extension:

If a filter element is a little too far to the filter housing, there is almost nothing to do but buy a new suitable filter element or filter housing - however, possibly with the exception of pleated filter elements that are not reinforced or reinforced with an inner brace as these elements is built for and could be pushed a little more and still work optimally.

The different, most commonly used lengths and diameters can be seen in the image below.