Why choose Smartflow over other softeners on the market?

Why choose Smartflow over other softeners on the market?

This is a question we often get here at Filter-Online. The relatively short answer will be:

  • Smartflow is cheap to operate.
  • Smartflow is cheap to procure.
  • Smartflow has been a thoroughly tested product for many years.
  • Smartflow keeps its promise.
  • Smartflow has Denmark's sharpest price on systems with 11 liters of resin (Smartflow 125) and 22 liters of resin (Smartflow 250).

Of course, we can easily just come and say - but we believe so much in our Smartflow softening system that we raise the right to make a complaint from 2 to 5 years, if the customer uses crystal salt purchased through Filter-Online.

Smartflow is flow-controlled and thus regenerates as needed - but most often approx. Once a week. Seen over a year, Smartflows' fewer regenerations will thus mean a significant reduction in water consumption and thus also in the cost of water.

Smartflow is also distinguished by the large amount of salt that can be in the plant. 35 kg (Smartflow 125) and 75 kg (Smartflow 250).

In addition, Smartflow uses Crystal Salt which is a very finely refined salt and has been developed especially for softening both ordinary. drinking water but also water used in the food industry.

Compared to salt losses, which several other plants use, crystal salt excels in many respects. Compared to salt losses, it is worth noting these benefits:

  • High purity
  • No additives
  • Clear salt water - no pulp at the bottom of the plant, as is often seen with salt losses.
  • Long service life of the softener
  • European standard EN973A
  • Better solubility and longevity in use
  • The production process is more sustainable

When you buy a Smartflow Kit, you always get everything you need in one and the same package. Our packages always contain both bypass and hoses, which for others will be an addition.

When ordering Smartflow at Filter-Online, you are in safe hands. We also take care of forwarding contact to an authorized plumber, so you get a correct and professional installation.
Are you still in doubt about whether to choose Smartflow over another system? Then give Filter-Online a call on Tel. +45 70 40 42 22 or send an email to info@filter-online.com and we will guide you the last piece.