Why is my water discolored?

There can be several reasons why your water has taken on a different color than usual.

If your water is discolored - either reddish-brown, blue-green, or milky-white - you need not worry. There is a natural explanation for the change in water color. Replacement of a water pipe, a backhoe that may have hit a line, a leak, or other factors.

What should I do if my water is discolored?

We always recommend that you thoroughly flush your tap before drinking the water if you have discolored water in your tap. The same applies if you return home from a vacation. A good tip is to use the water you flush the tap with to water the flowers - so it doesn't go to waste - and the flowers won't taste any different anyway.

The colored water doesn't taste good - unless you are a flower.

Especially green water should be noted. The green water may indicate that district heating water has penetrated your drinking water. Therefore, you should not drink water from your tap if it suddenly has the color of hope.

Why is my water discolored?

Your water is reddish-brown: Reddish-brown water is often caused by rust, iron, and manganese particles from the water pipes loosening in connection with renovation work on the network.

If the color of the water is affected by the renovation work, the water will return to its natural color a few hours after the work is completed.

We do not recommend drinking the water, although it is not dangerous.

The water is neon green: If green water comes out of your tap, it is a sign that district heating water is seeping into your water installation. Most district heating companies add a tracer to the district heating water precisely to detect leaks. The color is harmless, but you should not drink the green water.

If there is district heating water in the drinking water, both the district heating companies and the water supply usually detect it fairly quickly, as they monitor all heating and water pipes around the clock all year round. Therefore, the green water usually disappears quite quickly if it has been in contact with our drinking water.

Even water with a green color is not dangerous, but we do not recommend drinking it. Give it to the daisies instead.

Your water is blue-green: Blue-green water can occur when copper dissolves in the water.

Your water is milky-white: Milky-white water is due to air in the water and often disappears after a short time.

Has your clothes been discolored? If your clothes have been discolored, you can follow the Consumer Council's recommendations:

  1. Keep the clothes moist. The clothes must not be allowed to dry.
  2. Put the clothes in water with 1 dl citric acid per 10 liters of water.
  3. After half an hour, twist the clothes and wash them thoroughly in a warm soda solution with 3 dl soda per 10 liters of water.
  4. Rinse and treat the clothes as after normal laundry.