Are you a coffee connoisseur?

Do you also geek out a lot when it comes to coffee?

Do you care a lot about your guests or customers getting a good cup of coffee when they visit you and your business?

Then we fully understand you! Coffee is a drink that many of us consume on a daily basis, whether it is the morning coffee, the quick to-go from the gas station or - if it has to be really good - the well-thought-out and well-made cup from your favorite local coffee house.



If you work with coffee in your everyday life or if you have a great coffee machine at work, then you are almost guaranteed to have thought about which coffee beans are used for your coffee - we have no doubt about that. But now that you understandably care a lot about the coffee bean itself, have you thought about the water you use and whether it plays a role in the taste?

No?! Don't worry - very few people do.

Maybe you already use a filter to reduce the calcium in the water (if not, we have them too), but did you know that you can also mineralize the water so that it hits exactly the balance you want and that suits your well-selected coffee bean ?


You can do that with an APRO NP 80 and an APRO NP 120 - both systems use reverse osmosis technology to perform small miracles in the water. The mineralization is easily controlled by turning a bypass, after which a given amount of water runs through a mineralization filter and then meets the water that has passed through the membrane, which is also in the machine. In this way, you can control how the taste of your water for coffee or espresso should be down to the smallest detail.

At the same time, the membrane removes i.a. heavy metals and harmful chemicals from the water and that, combined with the mineralization, makes the water as optimal as it can be.


In the picture below, you can see all the advantages of APRO NP 80 and NP 120


Would you like to know more about mineralization of the water and about NP 80 and NP 120? Then you can find both machines here: NP 80 & NP 120

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