Calcium-free water provides many advantages to the everyday household

Many people talk about the importance of fighting calcium in the water and avoiding limescale in the bathroom and in the kitchen. But what exactly are the advantages of calcium-free water? Probably only very few people can answer that question offhand. There are actually several different and quite significant advantages of having a home with calcium-free water.

First and foremost, calcium-free water results in savings on the household’s well-known bottom line, because it means that you do not have to use nearly as much washing powder in the washing machine as well as detergents, soap and descaling fluid. In other words, the purification plant can use fewer resources on purifying the water before it is sent back into circulation. From a purely environmental point of view, calcium-free water also has some clear advantages.

You will also find that the plumber does not need to be called out as often to dripping taps and running toilets as well as calcified pipes that need to be replaced, as the softer water is more appropriate for these installations. Thus, not a lot of water is lost resulting in expensive water bills either.

The small but considerable advantages of having calcium-free water in your home

With calcium-free water, you get a shiny bathroom and softer fabrics from the laundry room. Likewise, money can be saved on haircare products, which are usually purchased in a steady flow because they are consumed in a very short time by the members of the family. The small advantages may not be so noticeable, but nonetheless, they become visible in the long run. 

When clothes are treated with calcium-free water, it wears significantly slower, and colours and quality last longer. Clothes, bed linen and towels will stay soft completely without the use of fabric softener. With water with almost no calcium or with no calcium at all you can also easily choose a shorter washing programme at a lower temperature so that the clothes are protected as much as possible. This also reduces the energy consumption in your household.  


The advantages of calcium-free water can be listed at random:

  • All tiles and surfaces in the bathroom will shine and become clean again without significant use of detergents and elbow grease;

  • The glasses become clear and beautiful, and the cutlery is shiny when it comes out of the dishwasher;

  • Calcium-free water is softer and gentler on skin and hair, so the need for shampoos, hair products, skin lotions and other moisturising care products is automatically reduced.


The small advantages of calcium-free water are many. By and large, water containing low quantities of calcium is also just better for your expensive household appliances, which will simply last longer under these conditions. 

How to get calcium-free water in your home

You get calcium-free water in your home by installing a water softener system where the water from the waterworks enters your house. The water softener system will probably have to be installed by an authorised plumber but it will no doubt be worth all the money and effort. The softer water provides improved use value, reduced energy consumption, lower costs for beauty products and cleaning detergents, reduced repair costs and extended life of all your household appliances.

The advantages are palpable, so it's definitely worth the investment to get calcium-free water in your home.