Water filter

If you have problems with particles or impurities in your drinking water, a water filter can be a good and cost-effective solution to the problem. Our water filters have the capacity to handle everything from taps and water wells to industrial equipment.

Why is it important to know what the water contains?

This Vana filter removes ochre from the waterYou might be subject to the legislation on drinking water in accordance with EU standards. Getting an overview of a legal document may be difficult, but it is important for the consumer to relate to this by looking more closely at the legal requirement that water supply companies only need to meet certain requirements and that these requirements apply from the drilling to the entry of your home; from there the consumer himself is responsible.

See the Council’s Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption here.

If you want to carry out a more thorough or specific water purification to a certain degree of clean water, we carry a wide range of point-of-use filters, of which the ScaleGuard cartridges are particularly suitable for filtering water for hot water systems such as coffee machines, steamers and combi ovens with steam function. These filters are also used for a general protection of industrial washing machines. In addition to these, we have specialised filters for soft drink (sodas, etc.) vending machines, ice machines and, for example, espresso machines which need a larger flow supply. We do also have a solution for drinking water in general. If you want to be able to drink the water from the tank of your boat or caravan, or if you need particularly effective efforts to obtain clean drinking water at home or in your holiday home, we also provide the drinking water filter series "AP3", which with its activated carbon and membrane technology efficiently reduces chlorine and either calcium or bacteria from the drinking water.

Finding the right filter size

To find the right size filter, you need to know the maximum flow of your household. An ordinary tap or shower uses approx. 14 l/min. without a water saving tap or water saving shower head. E.g. a good starting point for the maximum flow is the number of showers or taps that must be open at the same time.


Filter housing

Number of taps





Jumbo 10"


Jumbo 20"


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More about water flow

If you want to calculate a more accurate maximum flow, you can use these figures as a starting point.


Water consumption

Ordinary shower

12-16 l/min.

Water saving shower head

6-10 l/min.

Ordinary tap

12-16 l/min.

Water saving tap

3-9 l/min.

Ordinary toilet bowl

6 l/flush

New/Double flush:

3 or 6 l/flush

Older (10 years) washing machine

80-100 l/wash

Newer washing machine

40-80 l/wash

Older dishwasher

20-23 l/wash

Newer dishwasher

13-20 l/wash