3 part VANA water filter for a water purification system

Water purification with a water purification system

We often belive that our drinking water is clean, and that we don't need for a water purification system in our homes. In by far the majority of cases, this is correct.

But there may be exceptions. In other articles written by Filter-Online, we describe how you can use a Smartflow water softener to remove lime, or viruses and bacteria, completely down to 0.01 micron by means of reverse osmosis. If we switch to a different, simpler variant of water purification, we won’t be able to avoid ochre filtration and the use of carbon filters, which are placed in a simple form of water purification system.

What is ochre?

If your water is brown it might be caused by ochre. Our filters are used to purify the water and remove bad odor, taste and smell that the ochre causes.Ochre is a naturally occurring type of earth that can be yellow, red or brown. Ochre has been used for many years for colouring holes, walls and facades. It is not poisonous for people, but is for animals, and in Jutland in particular the contamination of rivers and streams is a big problem.

Ochre is made up of iron and sulphur found in the soil, where it can lie “dormant” for years without changing. If ochre comes into contact with oxygen, it becomes red. This red version can bind water molecules, and when this happens the colour changes to yellow.

We are to blame for this pollution ourselves, because until 1985 it was allowed to leave ochre in the water course when areas with iron were drained. This was changed to enable sensitive areas with high iron content to be approved for draining, in order to avoid discharge into rivers and streams, as the ochre was simply killing off animal life due to its low pH value.


Do I need to use a water purification system at home?

A used and dirty water filter versus a clean and new one ready to purify your waterAs mentioned earlier, ochre is not dangerous for people, so you shouldn’t be afraid of it if you find it in your drinking water. Having it in your water is not the most pleasant of experiences, however, as the low pH value in the water gives it discolouring, a bad taste and a strong smell. If you find that your hair has turned green after having a bath, this is a sure sign that your water contains ochre. In such case, we would strongly recommend a water purification system containing 3 filters for water purification in your home.

A kit can remove the smell, bad taste and discolouring. The filter is fixed to the water pipe that enters your home, and if you don’t have access to that, it can be installed on the pipe leading up to the tap.

What does a water purification system consist of?

A system for purifying water consists of 2, 3 or more filters and housings. Here are shown 3.A water purification system consists of 2 or 3 filter housings, depending on whether you have an active carbon filter included or not. The kit contains a Vana Depth-filter and a Vana Pleated filter as standard. The two types of water purification filters remove small particles such as rust and microplastics, among others. If you add a third housing to your kit, you can get a Vana AC (active carbon filter) included. This filter removes bad smells, tastes, colourants and pesticides from the water.

By using this type of water purification, you can cleanse your drinking water of a large number of unwelcome guests. It may well be that your drinking water reaches your home perfectly pure, but on the way it could come into contact with pipes that are in poor condition, and this could be the reason why rust, for example, gets into the pipe and ends up in your tap. As mentioned previously, an active carbon filter would help to prevent this.

This type of water purification system comes in several types.

The water purification filters and housings are available in a Slim type and a Jumbo type. Which one you choose depends on the number of people in your household, and how many taps are used at the same time.
If you have 2-4 persons in your household, a Slim-type kit can be sufficient, and if there are more than 5 persons we recommend that you upgrade to a Jumbo-type kit. This will ensure the optimal water purification for your home.

All our filters for this water purification system should be replaced every 6 months, so that they avoid a build-up of bacteria.

Water purification - So what now?
If you already know you have something undesirable in your water and want to do something about it and make a start on your water purification, don’t hold back - contact Filter-Online on either Telephone: +45 70 40 42 22 or Email:
We will guide you to find the solution that best meets your needs, so you don’t need to give any more thought to what might be lurking in your drinking water.