Water filter for well drilling

If you wish to be self-sufficient in water rather than buying it through a waterworks, a private well is the way forward. The solution is cheaper, but of course it also requires quite some extra work, because in that case you will be responsible for operation, repair, maintenance and control of the water quality.

If, for example, your water well is affected by pollution, you have the task of solving the problem yourself and financing the repair. If you want to avoid that things get this far, you will do wisely in getting a filter that can handle the purification of the water.

Avoid contamination with a filter

According to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's recommendations, small private water wells must have their water checked at least every five years.

The following conditions are checked when the water is tested:

  • Appearance and smell
  • The content of bacteria
  • PH value
  • The content of nitrate and phosphorus

If the test reveals any kind of pollution above the permitted limit values, the municipality may decide that your private water well must be improved or, in the worst case, closed down.
The limit values are set based on health considerations, so it makes good sense to take care of the quality of your water.
A filter can help you with that.

A filter ensures water quality

A filter reduces chlorine, sediments in the form of sand and other particles, bad taste and smell, rust, organic material and discolourations in the water. At the same time a filter solves many of the challenges that can be associated with a private water well.

Moreover, a filter is cheap. Thus, you do not have to spend a fortune to live up to the requirements and ensure high-quality drinking and utility water.

At Filter-Online, you will find a wide range of options for providing your private water well with a filter that can keep the water clean and free of pollutants.
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