Clean water poured from a pitcher after undergoing treatment from a water system.

What is water treatment?

Generally speaking, water treatment is a broad term. Quite simply, it depends on the needs of the individual consumer - that is, what the water treatment needs to do to meet the consumer’s requirements.

For example, this could be to remove or reduce the lime content of water, which is the most common type of water treatment.

Water treatment for the removal of lime in water is something for which watering is shared. We have water that is to a large extent perfectly pure, and it is often a matter of the consumer’s preference whether he or she wants to use a water treatment system to remove lime.

To put it very simply, water treatment effectively means that the water quality is improved.


There are several types of water treatment

Our SmartFlow water softening system which is used to treat drinking waterFilter-Online produces several different types of water treatment system, each of which has its strength in terms of water treatment. What you want to remove from the water is actually what determines what type of water treatment system you should choose.

Water softeners have been enormously popular with Danish households, as they remove either all the lime or large parts of it. This type of water treatment system can be adjusted, so that you only get small quantities of lime, leaving some of it in your drinking water. A lot of people believe that we should have masses of lime in our drinking water, to fully meet our need for lime intake. We also consume lime through our food, so a reduction of the lime content of our water is something we can live with. This type of water treatment is also popular with whoever does the cleaning in the home, as there will be a significant reduction of lime scale on fittings and tiles.

Treating water with a reverse osmosis system results in absolute pure waterAnother type of water treatment system is reverse osmosis. The distinctive feature of this type of water treatment system is that it has an outstanding ability to purify, for example, sea water. It reduces the salt content by up to 90%. This installation is also frequently seen in industrial processes and in the general production of drinking water.

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are fully automatic, and so do not require much maintenance. They are very simple to operate, and can also be controlled via an app.

All types of water treatment systems sold by Filter-Online are designed and built within the EU’s borders. This ensures a high level of quality of our products, which both Filter-Online and our customers demand.

Our water treatment systems can be found here: Reverse Osmosis and Smartflow Water Softener.


Is a water treatment system something for me?

Realistically, it’s only you who can answer that question. If you live in an area with a moderate to high lime content in the water, you should certainly consider whether water treatment could be of benefit to you.

In most private homes, the obvious solution will be a water treatment system that removes or reduces the water’s lime content. As mentioned earlier, this makes a big difference, especially when cleaning your home. Your coffee maker, dishwasher, etc. will last significantly longer, and you won’t need to clean these, or the tiles, fittings, shower cubicle, etc. as often.

Filter-Online experiences great demand for this type of water treatment system from builders around the country, who require a form of built-in water treatment to avoid lime scale, both in the kitchen and on often expensive bathroom tiles.


What are the costs of a water treatment system?

White piggy bankThe short answer is: It varies from solution to solution.

The slightly longer answer would be that it depends on the needs of the customer and the size of the household. Water treatment by means of reverse osmosis requires a little more expense, as you need to have: a type of filtering, a water treatment system and a tank to store the purified water in. This solution is available in several sizes to suit your need. The smallest size is suitable for the home, whereas the larger versions are intended more for commercial use.

If you wish to use a water softener for water treatment, this option won’t cost you as much. You pay for the installation itself, and if you buy it as a kit, this type of water treatment system contains everything you need: Smartflow water treatment system, active carbon filter with housing, installation kit and salt.

This type of system should regenerate after a given period, which uses a given quantity of water - depending on the model type chosen. Apart from the water consumption, salt should be added to the system. Here again, this depends on the system type. The Smartflow water treatment system uses Crystal salt, which has a very low cost, and so the operational expenses for this type of treatment are also low.

Whichever type you choose, Filter-Online can put you, as a consumer, in contact with a plumbing installer, to ensure the system is installed properly.


Are you still in doubt?

If you’re still considering water treatment in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +45 70 40 42 22 or email

One of our competent employees will guide you through it, so you end up with the solution that is best for you and your household.