Brita C50 Fresh - Active Carbon Filter - 12000 liters

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The PURITY Fresh C50 was specially developed for soft water areas with a high particle density in the water. The activated carbon mixture reliably keeps these particles away from the machine and end product, ensuring a clear fresh taste. In addition, the machine is optimally protected.
As a result, the PURITY Fresh C50 reduces a large part of significant negative influences, which can be caused by properties of the water.

Brita Purity C1000 AC Active Carbon Filter - 10000 liters

Brita Purity C1000 AC Active Carbon Filter - 10000 liters

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  • Professional water optimisation especially for hot water applications in soft water areas
  • The best possible machine protection even with high particle densities
  • Reduction of chlorine and all other substances that negatively affect aroma and taste thanks to the activated carbon filter
  • Simple to handle with rapid-change system with innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Integrated flush valve for easy operation and space-saving thanks to the water inlet and outlet on one side of the filter head



  1. Pre-filtration
    A pre-filter retains coarse particles.
  2. Activated carbon filtration
    To reduce elements negatively affecting taste and aroma, all the water is filtered through activated carbon.
  3. Fine filtration
    At the end of the filtration process a fleece retains any fine particle


Optimum water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality – free of unwanted taste and aroma elements.
Maximum product safety
For uninterrupted operation and safe use.
Simple to use
Operation is simpler and easier than ever.

The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter products is tested and
monitored by independent institutes.


Remark: With PURITY C activated carbon filters, all the feed water is filtered. The filter cartridge can be operated with filter heads with variable and fixed bypass.
A possible bypass element set in the filter head is, however, not taken into account.
Only drinking quality water may be used as the water supply for BRITA water filters.

More Information
Capacity12000 litres
TechnologyActivate Carbon
Reduction ClaimsChlorine, Sediment
ApplicationsDrinking Water
Max. Pressure8.6 bar
Max. Temperature30 °C
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