Brita C500 Finest - Espresso - 3414 liter

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PURITY Finest C optimised water, with its ideal mineral composition, releases the individual aroma of each espresso from the ground coffee. This supports the development of the authentic espresso taste – just the way you like it.

Elements that negatively affect taste and aroma, such as chlorine, are reliably filtered out whilst the freshly filtered water provides the ideal crema in terms of colour and consistency – for that perfect espresso.

How to install the filter? You can see more about that here: (Youtube video) Installation of Brita Purity

How does the filter work? (Youtube video)

Brita C150 Finest - Espresso - 1100 liter

Brita C150 Finest - Espresso - 1100 liter

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Capacity3414 litres
TechnologyIon Exchange
Reduction ClaimsScale
Max. Pressure8.6 bar
Max. Temperature30 °C
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