Brita Purity C1100 Steam - 7907L

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Maximizes steam cooking and baking in your oven while protecting your equipment with the best filtered water.

The filter provides a unique and consistent water quality – free of unwanted elements that can affect taste and aroma.

The system is made so that the filters are easy to replace.

How does the filter work? (Youtube video)

The filter contains 4 stages of filtration:

1 Pre-filtering:

The pre-filter captures the coarsest particles.

2 Reduction of carbonate hardness:

Filter media reduces carbonate hardness to prevent scale deposits.

3 Filtering activated carbon:

The water runs through an active carbon filter to reduce the content of the substances that affect the taste and aroma.

4 Fine filtering:

Finally, a fleece filter holds the remaining fine particles.

Brita Purity C500 Steam - 4675L

Brita Purity C500 Steam - 4675L

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BypassDetermined by head
Reduction ClaimsScale
ApplicationsSteam Ovens
Max. Pressure8.6 bar
Max. Temperature30 °C
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