Water Filter K3 Pre-Filter Crystal - Activated Carbon

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Replacement filter for drinking water.

The filter fits Crystal H / Crystal H-B.

K3 is a 5µm prefilter of activated carbon that filters sediments and dirt.

The filter can also be used separately with a single water filter head.

The filter is easy to replace and should be changed every 6 months or after 6000 liters to avoid the formation of bacteria in the filter.

Designed with CarbFiber Block technology, the replacement filter pre-treats the water by removing organic impurities, heavy metals and chlorine. It filters particles down to 5 micron in size.

The increased amount of selective ion-exchange Aqualen fibers contributes to the filter’s high sediment- holding capacity and allows it to effectively remove colloidal and dissolved iron.

The replacement filter contains silver in its active ionic form.

Water Softener kit Crystal H - K3, KH, K7

Water Softener kit Crystal H - K3, KH, K7

Water Filter KH Crystal - Softening

Water Filter KH Crystal - Softening

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More Information
Capacity6000 litres
Filtration Rate (micron)5 µm
TechnologyActivate Carbon
Reduction ClaimsTaste & Odour, Chlorine, Organics, Colour
ApplicationsDrinking Water
Max. Pressure6.3 bar
Max. Temperature38 °C
Crystal Filter System
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