Bacterial reduction Water filter set Crystal H-B

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Get clean drinking water directly from the tap without pesticides, lime and other impurities. Crystal H-B is a compact and practical small softening water filter set that fits perfectly under the sink.

Crystal H-B consists of four water filters:
K3 - 5µm activated carbon pre-filter that filters sediments and dirt.
KH - Softening filter with ion exchange that can be regenerated (see more in manual).
K7B - 0.1 microfilter removes 99.9% of bacteria and organic substances, heavy metals and particles down to 0.1 µm.
K7 - 0.8µm very fine filtering activated carbon filter that filters i.a. ocher, heavy metals and pollutants.

Length: 34 cm
Height: 38 cm
Depth: 9 cm

The filters are easy to replace and should be changed every 6 months or after 6000 liters to avoid bacteria forming in the filter. The KH filter should be regenerated once a month to maintain the emollient efficiency. Instructions can be found in the manual under the datasheet at the bottom. An extra faucet is included that can be connected directly. You can also connect directly to your own faucet.

Crystal System K7B (Bacteria Reduction) w. Head

Crystal System K7B (Bacteria Reduction) w. Head

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More Information
Connection6mm JG (hose)
Capacity6000 litres
Reduction ClaimsTaste & Odour, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Organics, Sediment, Scale, Rust, Iron
ApplicationsDrinking Water
Crystal Filter System
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Crystal-H - Manual
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