Filter-Online is a Danish company that was established back in 2018 and is based in Vissenbjerg on Funen.
Over the past year, Filter-Online has experienced a great increase in interest in our products – not only in Denmark, but also in the rest of Scandinavia and further into Europe.
We specialize in filtration solutions for especially water and liquid filtration and thus have a large and varied selection within these categories.
Read more about our categories further down the page.

By visiting our website, you can familiarize yourself with our wide selection of filtration products in all our categories.
When you order in our webshop, you will be able to obtain free shipping if the size of the order meets the requirements for this and stays between 0 and 20 kg.
If the item is to be sent on a pallet, shipping costs will be added. We naturally make our knowledge available to you as a customer, so if you cannot find the solution you want, just contact us and we will find it together.

Tel: +45 70 40 42 22 (Mon-Fri: 9-15) – email: - We usually respond the same day (but allow 1-3 working days)

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m

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Our categories:

Drinking water:
Here you will find all products that are extremely suitable for drinking water. This includes drinking cans, filter jugs, bacteria filters and many more things. We see more and more measurements in the underground, where there are bacteria in the water, and this is where many of these products come into their own. The nutrients will still remain intact, which is essential for the water to retain its nourishing effect.

Filtration of water:
Filtration solutions you find in this category are mainly intended for the private home. It covers lime filter systems, reverse osmosis for the home, active carbon filter and not least our incredibly popular Ocher kits.
Common to all solutions is that their task is to clean the water for the better. Whether it is to reduce limescale, remove particles or remove odors and bad taste in the water. There will most certainly be a solution for the private home in this category.

In this category you will find everything that can be used within the restaurant industry. It can be water filters for coffee, espresso and dishwashers – which, among other things, removes chlorine, lime and organic matter from the water. In addition, we carry a compact Reverse Osmosis system in our range, which is specifically aimed at our restaurant customers. By running the water through our APRO 100 PRO, you get water where virtually everything has been removed and thus gives the best result when washing crockery and glass. Here you also get the opportunity to adjust the water so that you find the right composition to suit the cup of coffee to be served.

This category contains water softeners and accessories for this. Softeners for you who fight with limescale in the water, which goes beyond your coffee machine, dishwasher and the tiles in both the kitchen and bath. With a softening system, you overcome this problem, as it can remove the amount of lime in the water that is needed. With a softening system, you get clean and ultra-soft water. Our softening plant has already taken on the big players on the market and can already be seen in many homes and out at our dealers around Denmark.

Pool & Spa:
Filter-Online sells various products for Pool & Spa - including chemicals from HTH, Saniklar and SpaCare, which help to keep the hygiene in your pool, spa, jacuzzi or wilderness bath top notch. We also offer test equipment so that you can measure all values in your bathing water and, based on that measurement, adjust the water so that you achieve the highest bathing quality.


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