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Water - The most important ingredient in our lives.
We use water for everything - for example. food production, industry, cleaning, washing and not least as a life-giving liquid.
Our skin is made up of 70% water and our blood is made up of 95%, so it also goes without saying that water is a very important part of our lives.

Water is an important part of a process that keeps living beings healthy and well, as the water transports important nutrients to the cells in our body as well and
also removes waste.
Therefore, it is also important that the water used as drinking water is as clean as it can be, without removing the nutrients.

Our products for water filtration are of varying sizes and functions, and are selected to make one's everyday life easier or healthier.

Why does water taste that different? We try to give you some of the answers in this article: Drink water - is it really that borring?

Drinking Water

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  1. Brita total hardness test
    • Accessory Type: Total hardness test

    For at opnå den optimale filtrering er det en god idé at vide hvor meget kalk der er i vandet. 

    Jo mindre kalk, jo højere bypass kan man filtrere med og dermed forlænge filterets levetid. 

    På den anden side er det vigtigt at man ikke har en for høj bypass indstilling hvis man har meget kalk i vandet, da det så ikke vil blive filteret nok. 

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  2. Replacement filter for Water Filter Bottle 2 pcs.

    Replacement filters for water filter water bottle

    Pack of 2 pcs. Replacement filters incl. Active carbon.

    • Removes bad odor and taste
    • Removes organic impurities and sediment
    • 2 replacement filters are enough for 600 refills of the drinking bottle.
    • BPA-Fri
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  3. APRO 1000 Whole Home RO water purifier
    • Inlet Connection: 1" NPTF
    • Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPTF
    • Concentrate Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPTF
    • Flow (LPH): 1000 l/h
    • Production of Clean Water LPH: 1000
    • max. Reduction of salt content, %: Up to 96 %
    • Membrane Quantity: 4
    • Membrane's type: 4 x 4040
    • System recovery, %: Up to 95 %
    • Dimensions: 600 x 800 x 1650 mm mm
    • Weight: 175 kg

    Whole-home & commercial water purifier. Eco-friendly and multipurpose whole-home RO station.
    Affordable and practical water purifier for houses, small municipal entities or local businesses. Fully automatic all-in-one solution that replaces salt-emitting water softeners and cuts maintenance costs.

    Can be used with any water
    Purifies practically any tap or artesian well water up to 30 meq/L hardness and/or 10 mg/L iron.

    Smart permeate recovery up to 95%
    Patented, computer-controlled high-frequency drainage system. High-speed water recirculation. Drastic reduction of the wastewater volumes.

    Drastic energy use reduction up to 50%
    Extremely low energy consumption due to the combination of a small high-efficiency booster pump (up to 16 bar) and a recirculation pump.

    Reduced consumption of antiscalants
    The system works either without any antiscalant or with the reduced consumption of antiscalants.

    Optional rainwater purification

    Optional permeate water RO mineralization stage

    Extra benefits:

    • Fully automatic
    • Permeate recovery up to 99%
    • Extended membrane life
    • Easy maintenance
    • Space saving design
    • Low cost operation
    • High capacity patented prefiltration
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  4. Sealing Tape PTFE, DVGW/KTW certified

    Certified Sealing Tape

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  5. Double Nipple 1"-1", PVC

    Double Nipple 1" -1" is used to connect two filter housings.

    1" Connection

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  6. Double nipple 3/4" - 3/4", PVC

    Double Nipple 3/4" - 3/4" is used to connect to filter housings.

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  7. Double Nipple Union 3/4" - 3/4" - Brass

    Double Nipple Union is used to connect two housings 


    Connection is 3/4"

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  8. Straight push-in fitting 3/8" - 6mm

    Straight push-in fitting is used to connect a hose. 

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  9. Straight push-in fitting R 3/8"mm-8mm

    Straight push-in fitting is used to connect a hose. 

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  10. Ball valve 3/4", Brass

    Ball Valve 3/4" in Brass. When you need to change your filter, the Ball Valve allows you to close the system.

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