Filtration of water and liquid

When it comes to filtering water and liquid, there are countless products and options, depending on which filtration problem you want to find a solution for. The problems can be many - there can be too much ocher in the water or you have to filter liquid within the brewing or pharmaceutical industry, where we have filters with an efficiency of up to 99.9999%.

Read more about water and liquid filtration further down this page.

Filtration of Water

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  1. Vana Sleeve 10" Support Filter - w. Gaskets

    The Sleeve Filter Support is needed to use the Net filters. 

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  2. Vana 10" Jumbo Ocher 2 Elements Set
    • Element Size: 10'' - Jumbo
    • Filter Media: Polypropylene
    • Efficiency: 90 %
    • Max. Temperature: 40 °C
    • Element Length (mm): 254 mm
    • Element Outer Diameter (mm): 110 mm

    Vana 10” Jumbo ocher 2 element sets are replacement elements for the Vana 10” Jumbo ocher kit with two filter housings.

    The set contains:

    • 1 piece. The Vana Depth 10" Jumbo - 5µm filter is placed as a pre-filter in the first housing where the water enters.
    • 1 piece. The Vana Pleat 10" Jumbo - 0.5µm filter is placed in housing no. 2 and acts as the ocher filter. It removes smaller particles such as ocher, rust and microplastic.

    The filters should be replaced every 6 months to prevent bacteria from forming in the filter.

    The elements are made of food approved and BPA-free materials.


    • Height: 254 mm
    • Inner diameter: 28 mm
    • Outer diameter: 110 mm
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  3. Avability:In stock
  4. XLP11-4040, RO Membrane, APRO-M, APRO-LP
    • Filtration Rate (micron):
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  5. ULP3012-400 - RO Membrane
    • Filtration Rate (micron): 0,001 µm
    • Filter Media: Membrane
    • Efficiency: 98 %
    • Max. Temperature: 40 °C
    • Max. Pressure: 41 bar

    R.O. Membrane for RO-MCR-90 (not RO rack-system)

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  6. LP21-4040, RO Membrane, HS, HP
    • Element Size: 40" - Mega-Long
    • Filtration Rate (micron): 0,001 µm
    • Filter Media: Membrane
    • Efficiency: 99 %
    • Max. Temperature: 45 °C
    • Max. Pressure: 41 bar
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  7. Ocena HHS Okkerkit 5" - ¾"
    • Element Size: 5" - Small
    • Applications: Water Tap
    • Reduction Claims: Organics, Sediment, Ocher, Rust
    • Flow (l/min): 15
    • Material (Housing): Stainless Steel 304
    • Connection: 3/4"

    Ocena HHS Ocher kit is for you who wants an effective filtration solution for your water.

    You can use the ocher kit whether you get your water from your local waterworks or from your own well.

    With a flow of 15 l/min, this kit is suitable for households with 1-2 people.

    Total dimensions:

    • Height: 205 mm
    • Width: 220mm
    • Connection ¾”
    • Maximum working pressure 20 bar.

    The stainless steel housings and elements are made of food approved and BPA-free materials.
    The kit is suitable for drinking water.

    The kit is complete with filters, wrench for the housing and wallbrackets. 

    We recommend replacing the filters approx. every 6 months to prevent bacteria from forming in the filter.

    Do you want to get rid of ocher? Read more -> Get rid of ocher

    Green hair? Ocher might be the cause. Read more -> Ocher

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  8. RO Membran Capsuled - APRO 100-NP (ULP3213-1000)
    • Filtration Rate (micron): 0,001 µm
    • Filter Media: Membrane
    • Max. Temperature: 38 °C


    Membrane incl. Housing.

    Assembled and therefore easy to replace in the system.

    The membrane in the housing is an APRO 3012-400

    The membrane fits the following Reverse Osmosis systems:

    • APRO NP 80
    • APRO NP 120
    • APRO 120
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  9. Avability:In stock
  10. AQUAPHOR Viking Pro 20" Jumbo - Anti-Scale
    • Element Size: 20'' - Jumbo
    • Applications: Water Tap, Coffee, Espresso, Dishwasher
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Organics, Sediment, Rust
    • Technology: Depth Filter
    • Flow (l/min): 25
    • Max. Pressure: 6,5 bar
    • Max. Temperature: 38 °C
    • Material (Housing): Polypropylene

    Viking PRO is a filter housing made of high-strength plastic to be used for cold water treatment. Suits multiple applications including whole-home water treatment, office and HoReCa use.

    The housing is simple to install. Design features quick-release fittings for easier maintenance. Tools are not required for cartridge replacement.

    Viking PRO is made of durable plastic. Its long-lasting thick-walled housing is resistant to pressure drops. Tested at pressures of 30 bar (3 МPа).

    Depending on the cartridge type, the water purification level varies from mechanical pre-filtration for bathing and housekeeping to drinking water filtration.

    B520 PRO-H Prefilter Antiscale

    Effectively removes:

    • Organic impurities
    • Heavy metals
    • Active chlorine
    • Rust and colloidal iron
    • Sand and other insoluble impurities

    The PRO-H filter also has the additional function that it can encapsulate lime and will thus ensure a clean and shiny result when it is used as a pre-filter for e.g. dishwashers.

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Ocher in the water – What is it?

Ocher is a naturally occurring soil type that will appear in the form of a yellow, red or brownish color. Ocher is not toxic to humans, but at the same time ocher is not the most inviting thing to have in your water, precisely because of the color it gives. At the same time, the water can have a strong smell, which is due to its lower PH value. Although ocher is not dangerous for humans, it is a different matter for some animal species. Among other things. then fish are not particularly happy with ocher in the water.

The solution to remove ocher from the water

Filter-Online receives a great many inquiries about ocher/iron in the water from customers throughout Scandinavia. We could quickly see that it was a widespread problem, especially for people with their own wells. We therefore put together a set that could be used to reduce e.g. ocher in the water, but also other unnecessary things such as organic matter, pesticides and heavy metals. On selected sets, an active carbon filter is included, which absorbs any bad smell in the water.

The kits are available in both standard and jumbo sizes with different types of filter compositions. The larger the filter housing – the greater the flow. This means that you can adapt the solution to your specific needs.

The filter housings are available in both plastic and stainless steel.

Ocher kit in Plastic

Ocher kit in stainless steel

All filter housings and elements are food approved in Denmark and the rest of the EU.

3M Aqua-Pure filtration products

Filter-Online are dealers of products from 3M – a company known throughout most of the world. We have a selection of their Aqua-Pure range which includes filters for various filtration purposes. Many of our regular customers faithfully choose 3M's products and this makes us proud dealers of exactly Aqua-Pure from 3M.

Filtration of liquid – Filter housings and filter bags

At Filter-Online, we also work with products for liquid filtration. We have, among other things, bag filter housings – both in plastic and stainless steel in several different sizes, so that they suit different sizes of production. A bag filter housing is often used in connection with pre-filtration, where the coarse is caught. At the same time, the bag filter housings can handle a high flow, which only makes it more optimal as the first filter in the process.

In addition to the filter housings, Filter-Online has a large selection of filter bags made of polypropylene (PP). They are available in 4 different sizes to suit the houses and with filtration levels from 0.5 µm all the way up to 200 µm.