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  1. AP.RO MCR 80 - Reverse Osmosis
    • Max Inlet TDS, ppm: 1500
    • Production of Clean Water LPH: 80
    • Reduction of salt content, %: Up to 85
    €2,202.70 €1,762.16

    Reverse osmosis is a purification process where water passes through a semipermeable membrane.
    Due to its extremely small pore size and special physico-chemical properties, the membrane allows only water molecules to pass through.

  2. 3M AP3-C765S-E (scale inhibition)
    • Capacity (litres): 7600
    • Filtration Rate (µm): 0.5 µm
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Cyst, Scale
    €108.86 €87.09
  3. 3M AP3-C762-M (Bacterial)
    • Filtration Rate (µm): 0.2 µm
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Cyst, Bacteria
    €175.81 €140.65
  4. 3M VH3 Head for SGP/AP3
    As low as €41.91 €33.53
  5. BRITA PURITY C Filter Head
    As low as €49.41 €39.53

    Filter head for PURITY C professional filter cartridges. Available in various models.

    Introducing the heart of the PURITY C filter cartridge range. Choose between the filter head with variable bypass setting of 0-70% and a filter head with a fixed bypass setting of 0% or 30%. Available with G3/8" or John Guest connection.

  6. Brita totalhårdhed test
    €15.93 €12.74

    For at opnå den optimale filtrering er det en god idé at vide hvor meget kalk der er i vandet. 

    Jo mindre kalk, jo højere bypass kan man filtrere med og dermed forlænge filterets levetid. 

    På den anden side er det vigtigt at man ikke har en for høj bypass indstilling hvis man har meget kalk i vandet, da det så ikke vil blive filteret nok.