Gross 10" Dybdefilter EFG112/250 - 5µm

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Gross Depthfilter cartridge

Depthfilter made from meltblown polypropylene.

This is the standard type filter element with high dirt holding capacity and good efficiency.

Choose your filtration rate based on your application.

  • 1 µm: Fine filtration. Not recommended without 5 µm prefiltration. Use this filter to retain fine particles.
  • 5 µm: Standard filtration. Removes most common particles in the water and protects the rest of the line.
  • 20 µm: Coarse filtration. Use this filter if you have especially large particles in your water and you experience blocking with a 5 µm filter.

The filter should be replaced every 6 months to prevent bacteria growth in the filter. 

Gross 20

Gross 20" Dybdefilter EFG112/508 - 5µm

Reverse Osmosis RO-202sc Crystal - Mineralized

Reverse Osmosis RO-202sc Crystal - Mineralized

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