Gross 20" Active Carbon Filter Element

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Aquaphor Gross 20" is the housing for mechanical purification of cold water. Can be equipped with sediment filters of different type and porosity to protect home appliances from solid particles or with carbonblock which will reduce the amount of chlorine compounds and heavy metals found in tap water. Aquaphor Gross also enhances the work of other filters designed to purify drinking water. The filter housing is made of high quality plastic, can withstand high pressure. Used where high performance is required.

Wrench for Gross Filter Housing

Wrench for Gross Filter Housing

Gross 10

Gross 10" Filterhousing - 1" - incl. 5my Filter

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Element Size20" - Gross (Jumbo)
Filtration Rate (micron)5 µm
Max. Temperature40 °C
Filter MediaActivated Carbon