Gross 20" Active Carbon Filter Element

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Gross activated carbon block cartridge treats water by removing the bad taste, odour and appearance associated with chemical and organic pollutants.
Contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, solvents, dyes are all treated along with the removal of organics through absorption. 

The concentration and types of contaminants present combined with the speed of flow determines the capacity and service life of the cartridge. Carbon requires contact time with water to be effective, the slower the flow, the better the result because there is time for the carbon to adsorb the contaminants.

What is activated carbon?

Wrench for Gross Filter Housing

Wrench for Gross Filter Housing

Gross 10

Gross 10" Filterhousing - 1" - incl. 5my Filter

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Element Size20" - Gross (Jumbo)
Filtration Rate (micron)5 µm
Filter MediaActivated Carbon
Max. Temperature40 °C