Is your drinking water clean



Is your drinking water really clean?

In general, municipal water in Denmark is clean, but one of our customers got an ugly surprise!

In connection with the customer's purchase of one of our water purification systems, a pre-filter of 5 microns was also installed, as well as an activated carbon as a post-filter.
It quickly turned out that the pre-filter collected some impurities and after consulting with us, the pre-filter was replaced with our ocher filter - a 0.5 micron pleated surface filter.

It did not take long before the astonishment came over how much dirt the ocher filter had collected from a water supply they thought was clean, which they had also drunk from.

We often get inquiries about how to remove impurities in the water, either because the customer can see the water has a discoloration or that there is a bad taste.
Then there are also cases like the customer here where you can not see the impurities in the water. This can happen when the amount of ocher in the water is not large enough to create a discoloration that can be seen with the naked eye.

Ocher in the water can be due to many things.

The municipal water may not be sufficiently purified. It could also be because the area you live in has old water supply pipes, or perhaps your house / apartment has old pipes that emit dirt such as ocher.

Water testing

There is no easy way to test the purity of water without having to invest a little.
You can send your water sample to a laboratory, or buy a TDS meter that can measure the purity of the water.

Unfortunately, we do not perform water quality tests.