Reverse Osmosis RO-202sc Crystal - Mineralized

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Premium Drinking Water - 99,99% Protection against bacteria and viruses

Reverse Osmosis right under the counter - The cleanest water you can get with Mineralization!

Protects against:
• Bacteria, • Pesticides, • Viruses
• Heavy Metals, • Arsenic, • Nitrates, nitrites
• Limescale, • Chlorine, • Organic Compounds
• Colloidal Iron
• Parmaceuticals (antibiotics, hormones)

Package includes:
• RO Housing
• 4 x Cartridges (K1, K2, RO-100s, K7BM)
• Tubes (Hose), • Connection node
Drain saddle, • Service cap
Clean water faucet

What can Reverse osmosis do for you? Read more -> Reverse Osmosis

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Water Filter, K7BM, Crystal - Mineralization

Water Filter, K7BM, Crystal - Mineralization

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Build-in Tank5 Litre
Production of Clean Water LPH15,2
Cartridge quantity4
Membrane Quantity1
Membrane's typeCrystal RO-100s
Inlet ConnectionJG
Outlet ConnectionJG
Concentrate Outlet ConnectionJG
Max. Temperature40 °C
Dimensions, mm195x411x486 mm