Crystal RO-202s Reverse Osmosis - Mineralized

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Reverse osmosis right under the sink - The purest water you can get with Mineralization!

Fully automatic reverse osmosis purification system with an innovative storage tank that provides exceptionally fast refilling combined with low wastewater disposal. Automatically adjusts for maximum recovery of clean water. Optimizes the concentration of calcium and magnesium depending on the original water hardness.

Aquaphor RO-202S produces delicious and completely safe, soft and odorless water, regardless of the quality of the original water. Requires one-third of the space under the sink normally reserved for classic RO systems.

Additional features of Aquaphor RO-202S:

Built-in electric pressure pump ensures efficient operation at low water pressure from the tap Built-in pressure pump ensures fast and smooth flow of clean water from the drinking water tap

Automatic reminder with light and sound indication helps keep track of timely filter replacement. Protects against: • Bacteria • Pesticides • Viruses • Heavy metals • Arsenic • Nitrates - nitrites • Lime • Chlorine • Organic compounds • Colloidal iron • Medicine (antibiotics, hormones)


Package includes: • RO housing • 4 x cartridges (K1, K2, RO-100s, K7BM) • Hose(s) • Connection node • Drain adapter • Service cap • Water faucet

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AQUAPHOR Crystal K7BM - Mineralization

AQUAPHOR Crystal K7BM - Mineralization

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ApplicationsDrinking Water
Filtered Capacity5L
Reduction ClaimsTaste & Odour, Chlorine, Phenol, Heavy Metals, Organics, Pesticides, Sediment, Bacteria, Cyst, Scale, Ocher, Rust, Salt, Nitrate, Iron, Ions, Colour, Virus
Mineral EnrichmentMagnesium
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