Startkit – Pool & Spa

HTH/Saniklar & SpaCare - Starter set for pool & spa

With a package solution from HTH/Saniklar or SpaCare, you are sure that you have what it takes to start up your pool or hot tub - and then maintain them. The packages contain i.a. chlorine, pH-minus and measuring equipment to measure your bathing water.

We also have a package solution for cleaning your hot tub, containing care products for filters, cover and many other things.

Startkit – Pool & Spa

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  1. HTH/Saniklar Pool Starter Package
    • Brand: HTH
    • Details, Additional: Saniklar & HTH
    • Applications: Swimming Pool

    This pool starter kit for smaller pools from HTH/Saniklar includes:

    • 1 kg of HTH Granules
    • 3 kg of Saniklar pH-Minus
    • 1 liter of Saniklar Super Blue
    • pH and chlorine tester.

    Refer to the individual product instructions for further information.

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  2. SpaCare Starter Kit
    • Brand: SpaCare
    • Applications: Spa

    This SpaCare Starter Kit for outdoor hot tubs includes:

    • SunWac 12
    • Alka Up
    • Alka Down
    • pH Down
    • pH Up
    • Bright & Clear
    • No Scale
    • Tablet testers for measuring pH and chlorine
    • Strips for measuring alkalinity.

    Whether you have a new hot tub or have performed a water change, the goal is to make your bathwater as clean and easy to maintain as possible.

    For usage instructions and safety data sheets, please refer to each individual product.

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  3. SpaCare Cleaning Kit
    • Brand: SpaCare
    • Applications: Spa

    Our SpaCare maintenance kit contains the products needed for the ongoing maintenance of outdoor hot tubs. The package includes:

    • Biofilm Cleaner
    • Filter Cleaner
    • Foam Down
    • SpaClean Spray
    • Products from the Cover Care Box. (SpaCare Cover Cleaner & Cover Protect)

    For usage instructions, please refer to each individual product.

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Starter Set for Disinfection and Cleaning of Pool and Spa

SpaCare, HTH, and Saniklar are all brands that offer products for the maintenance and cleaning of pools and spa areas. These starter kits are designed to help pool and spa owners maintain water quality, so it remains clean and safe for swimming. Here is a brief overview of each of these brands' starter kits:


SpaCare offers a range of chemical products and accessories for spa care. A typical SpaCare starter kit may include chlorine, pH regulators (such as pH-plus and pH-minus), algae prevention, and test strips. These products help keep the water clean, clear, and free from harmful bacteria and algae.


HTH is known for their effective pool care products and also offers starter kits, which typically include chlorine-based disinfectants, algae prevention agents, and pH-balancing chemicals. HTH products are designed to ensure that pool water is safe and inviting, and they have a long history of reliability in the industry.


Saniklar offers a wide range of pool care products, including starter kits that focus on water quality and hygiene. A Saniklar starter kit may include chlorine granules or tablets, pH adjusters, flocculants (which help remove small particles from the water), and test kits to measure water chemistry.

Choosing the Right Starter Kit

The choice of the right starter kit depends on several factors, such as the size of the pool, expected use (e.g., frequency of swimming), and personal preferences regarding maintenance routines. All three brands offer high-quality products, but the composition of the starter kits can vary, so it is important to carefully read the product descriptions to choose the set that best meets your needs.

It is always recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions closely when using chemicals in your pool or spa, to ensure both water quality and user safety.