Prestige A5 Filter jug - Blue

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Prestige, the ergonomically well-designed filter jug makes its mark in any kitchen.

The included filter softens the water by drastically reducing lime in the water, as well as irreversibly reducing harmful substances such as organic compounds, iron, lead, chlorine and removing sediment, bad taste and odor.

The filter has a larger capacity than other similar known products and therefore more economical.
All parts of the product are made of food approved material and are BPA-free.

Provance A5 Filter jug - Black

Provance A5 Filter jug - Black

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ApplicationsDrinking Water
ManufacturerAquaphor Retail
Funnel Capacity1.7 L
Filtered Capacity2.8 L
Filter Life (litres)350
Suitable Replacement FiltersA5, A5 MG, B5, B6
Reduction ClaimsChlorine, Sediment, Scale, Taste & Odour, Rust, Heavy Metals, Organics, Colour
Mineral EnrichmentNone
Lid TypeSlider
Filter-Kande Guide
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Filter Kande Datasheet
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