For PRO Dishwashing Machines

Water treatment for Pro dishwashers - Reverse Osmosis

With a reverse osmosis solution, you are guaranteed a good result when it comes to washing dishes in kitchens in small or medium-sized companies.

With these reverse osmosis systems, you get systems that are extremely low-energy friendly.
Both systems have been developed in solid materials that are suitable for the humid environment that will most often be found in the dishwashing area in a larger kitchen.

Aquaphor's patented pump technology reduces maintenance costs and ensures a longer lifespan for membranes.

For PRO Dishwashing Machines

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  1. APRO 120 Reverse Osmosis - For Dishwasher
    • Inlet Connection: 3/8" 3G
    • Outlet Connection: 1/4" 3G
    • Concentrate Outlet Connection: 1/4" 3G
    • Max. Inlet TDS: 1500 ppm
    • Max. Temperature: 40 °C
    • Flow (l/min): 2
    • Flow (LPH): 120 l/h
    • Production of Clean Water LPH: 120
    • max. Reduction of salt content, %: Up to 95%
    • Membrane Quantity: 2
    • System recovery, %: 50
    • Power Supply: 24VDC (AC/DC adapter is installed)
    • Dimensions, mm: 500 x 200 x 660 mm

    With an APRO 120, you get a solution that is absolutely optimal for companies that have a dishwasher attached. APRO 120 extends the life of the company's kitchen appliances and white goods, as it e.g. contributes to the formation of rust remaining minimal.

    An APRO 120 system will, with the help of reverse osmosis technology, remove almost all unnecessary particles in the water.The pre-filter for APRO 120 is specially designed to encapsulate the limescale and thus you get a result that is optimal for e.g. washing glasses, plates, etc.

    Advantages of the APRO 120 include:

    • Prefilter encapsulates the limescale
    • Reduction of the energy level of up to 50%
    • Space-saving design
    • The system can be operated remotely

    The set also contains a Viking filter housing incl. a filter with an anti-scale effect to protect the APRO 120

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  2. APRO SST 300 - Reverse Osmosis
    • Inlet Connection: 3/4” NPTF
    • Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPTF
    • Concentrate Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPTF
    • Max. Inlet TDS: 2000 ppm
    • Max. Temperature: 40 °C
    • Production of Clean Water LPH: 300
    • max. Reduction of salt content, %: 95
    • Membrane Quantity: 2
    • Membrane's type: 4x21
    • System recovery, %: 75-99
    • Power Supply: 220VAC
    • Dimensions, mm: 670 x 370 x 790 mm

    APRO SST 300 is a reverse osmosis system suitable for the kitchens of small and medium-sized companies and is particularly suitable for being part of the dishwashing line, where the technology helps to give a sparkling clean result on glasses and plates.
    The system is made of stainless steel so that it can withstand high humidity and is used in places with strict requirements for cleanliness and hygiene.

    Advantages of APRO SST:

    • Extended life of membranes
    • Easy to maintain
    • Space-saving design
    • Low operating costs
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  3. Viking Pro Filterhousing - 20" Jumbo - SOE
    • Material (Housing): Polypropylene
    • Max. Pressure: 6,5 bar
    • Max. Temperature: 40 °C

    Viking PRO is a filter housing made of high-strength plastic to be used for cold water treatment. Suits multiple applications including whole-home water treatment, office and HoReCa use.

    The housing is simple to install. Design features quick-release fittings for easier maintenance. Tools are not required for cartridge replacement.

    Viking PRO is made of durable plastic. Its long-lasting thick-walled housing is resistant to pressure drops. Tested at pressures of 30 bar (3 МPа).

    Depending on the cartridge type, the water purification level varies from mechanical pre-filtration for bathing and housekeeping to drinking water filtration.

    Only compatible with Viking Pro filters.

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  4. Aquaphor B520pro-H - Prefilter antiscale
    • Element Size: 20" - Long
    • Filtration Rate (micron): 5 µm
    • Filter Type: Depth filter
    • Element Outer Diameter (mm): 144 mm
    • Element Length (mm): 505 mm
    • Max. Temperature: 38 °C

    Prefilter for e.g. Reverse Osmosis

    Effectively removes:

    • Organic impurities
    • Heavy metals
    • Active chlorine
    • Rust and colloidal iron
    • Sand and other insoluble impurities

    The PRO-H filter also has the additional function that it can encapsulate lime and will thus ensure a clean and shiny result when it is used as a pre-filter for e.g. dishwashers.

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  5. APRO Membrane Cartridge 3012 JG
    • Filtration Rate (micron): 0,001 µm
    • Filter Media: Membrane
    • Max. Temperature: 38 °C


    Membrane incl. Housing.

    Assembled and therefore easy to replace in the system.

    The membrane in the housing is an APRO 3012-400

    The membrane fits the following Reverse Osmosis systems:

    • APRO NP 80
    • APRO NP 120
    • APRO 120
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  6. Water filter Crystal K7B - Bacterial reduction
    • Capacity: 6000 litres

    Replacement filter for drinking water.

    The filter fits Crystal H / Crystal H-B.

    K7B - 0.1 microm microfilter removes 99.9% of bacteria and organic substances, heavy metals and particles down to 0.1 µm.

    The filter can also be used separately with a single water filter head.

    The filter is easy to replace and should be changed every 6 months or after 6000 liters to avoid the formation of bacteria in the filter.

    A hollow fiber membrane installed at the entrance of the module removes particles as small as 0.1 micron and provides 99.99% protection from bacteria.

    This replacement filter uses an ultra- dense CarbFiber Block made from powdered activated coconut shell carbon. It removes the residual concentrations of organic contaminants and heavy metals. It filters particles down to 0.8 micron in size.

    Modified Aqualen fibers distribute the water flow in the ultra-dense filter medium, resulting in the best purification

    The replacement filter contains silver in its active ionic form.

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