Salt for water softener 4 x 25kg

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The package contains
(sent on ½ pallet):

  • 4 x 25kg Crystal Salt
  • 5L Resin Clean (worth 40 euro Resin Clean)
  • Contains crystal salt for one year consumption for 3-4 people.
    (May vary depending on water consumption)

Why choose crystal salt over salt loss?

  • The production process is significantly more sustainable.
  • Better solubility.
  • More slow in use.
  • Higher purity in crystal salt.
  • No additives.
  • When using crystal salt, you get clear salt water.
  • Crystal salt gives longer durability to your Smartflow softener.
  • European standard EN973A.

A need of estimated 25-30 kg/year pr. person, at standard setting on the softener.

With this solution, you buy salt for a whole year.

Please note that the salt is sent on a pallet and therefore not sent free of charge.
When you order online, you will be contacted by customer service regarding shipping.

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Crystal Salt for water softener (pallet 66 x 15 Kg)

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Salt TypeCrystal Salt
Accessories5L Resin Clean