Salt for pool - set for 20.000L

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This set contains 4 x 25 kg of salt.

100% natural salt for your pool.

If you use a chlorinator to generate chlorine for your swimming pool, you must also use salt. Filter-Online has this type of salt that is made exclusively for use in pools.

The salt is manufactured according to the highest standards in Europe and lives up to EN 16401 type A, which is one of the highest quality stamps you can achieve. It is therefore a healthy product without additives that you can pour into your pool.

Our pool salt has a high purity of at least 99.8% NaCl

When starting the pool, we recommend using 4-5 kg. salt per 1000 liters of water. If you have a pool of 20,000 litres, we therefore recommend using approx. 100 kg. salt.

Can be used with all types of chlorinators - also Intex and Swim & Fun.

You can read more about our salt and use of chlorinator at the bottom of this page: Salt for swimming pool

Salt for pool - set for 40.000L

Salt for pool - set for 40.000L

Salt for pool - set for 30.000L

Salt for pool - set for 30.000L

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Salt TypePool Salt
Salt, Single Bag Weight25kg
Salt InfoContains 4x25 kg - Sent on pallet
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