Saniklar/HTH Chlorine Tempo Stick - 300 g

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Saniklar/HTH Tempo Stick is a modern disinfection method for continuous chlorine dosing for your swimming pool.

This product consists of HTH granules compressed into a stick, coated with plastic on the sides and with openings at both ends. It is important to note that the plastic coating around the stick should not be removed, as it ensures a consistent delivery of disinfectant to the pool.

To use the product, it should be placed in a Tempo Stick Dispenser, either in the pool skimmer or in the equipment room.

By ensuring that your pool water always contains between 1-3 mg/l of HTH chlorine and maintains a pH level between 7.0-7.4, you can enjoy crystal-clear pool water at all times.

Saniklar Super Boost Chlorine Granulate - 5kg

Saniklar Super Boost Chlorine Granulate - 5kg

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