Smartflow 125 Water Softener Incl. Salt - 1,8 m³

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With a drinking water approved Smartflow water softener, you get a powerful and stable system to reduce the amount of limescale in your water. Filter-Online recommends a hardness of 4-6 °dH, which you can easily achieve with a Smartflow water softener.

In this way, you avoid limescale settling in taps, on heating elements in the coffee machine and on the tiles in the bathroom. This also means that you save on both the electricity bill, the purchase of cleaning products and limescale removers, as well as on your own time when it comes to cleaning.

Smartflow 125 water softener benefits:

  • Smartflow 125 is drinking water approved - RISE C900037
  • 2 x 15 kg. crystal salt is included in the start-up package.
  • Hoses and Bypass are included
  • Brita Total Hardness Tester is included
  • Resin amount 11 ltr (therefore it only regenerates after 1.8 m3 Water v / 20 dH.)
  • Flow controlled system - 25 l/min.
  • 1-5 people in the household
  • Large Salt container 35 kg
  • Low salt consumption per regeneration 1.5 kg
  • Low water consumption per regeneration 60 ltr for every 1.8 m3 of water
  • Occupies very little in relation to the amount of resin
  • Width 29 cm - depth 48 cm - height 67cm
  • Soft close lid & light in the tank.

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Smartflow 250 Water Softener incl. Salt - 2,5 m³

Smartflow 250 Water Softener incl. Salt - 2,5 m³

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Flow (l/min)25
Bypass Connection3/4"
Salt Capacity35
Resin Capacity11 Litres
Digital DisplayYes
Feature 1.Flow controlled regeneration
Max. Pressure10 bar
Dimensions, mm290x480x670 mm