Water Softener System Smartflow 250 (H) kit Incl. filter AC

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The set contains: Smartflow Softening system, activated carbon filter with housing, installation kit, 3 x 25 kg crystal salt.


Smartflow 250 benefits

  • Drinking water approved - RISE C900037
  • Resin amount 22 ltr (therefore it only regenerates after 2.5 m3 Water v / 20 dH.)
  • Flow controlled system
  • 6-8 people in the household
  • Large Salt container 75 kg
  • Low salt consumption per regeneration 3.0 kg
  • Hoses and Bypass are incl
  • Activated carbon filter is incl
  • The only system on the market with Activated carbon filter
  • Activated carbon filter reduces any pesticides / odor and gives the water a nice round taste.
  • Low water consumption per regeneration 120 ltr for every 2.5 m3 of water
  • Different color options black or white
  • Occupies very little in relation to the amount of resin
  • Width 29 cm - depth 48 cm - height 113 cm
  • Soft close lid / m Light in tank.

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Water Softener System Smartflow 125 (H) kit Incl. filter AC

Water Softener System Smartflow 125 (H) kit Incl. filter AC

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More Information
Flow (l/min)33
Bypass Connection3/4"
Salt Capacity75
Resin Capacity22 Litres
Digital DisplayYes
Feature 1.Flow controlled regeneration
Dimensions290x480x1130 mm