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Stiron Water Filter, Lime Filter for Washing Machine

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NOT for Drinking Water!

Washing Cycles: 300

Cold Water Use Only: +5ºC - +40ºC


Aquaphor Stiron аnti-scale filter allows to decrease scale formation on water heating elements and internal surfaces of household washing machines and similar household machines thereby prolonging their service life.

Optimally selected chemical composition and fraction of polyphosphate decreases calcium compound build-up on heating elements. In addition, more careful washing is provided due to fixation of ferrum in water and preventing formation of rusty spots on linen.

Advantages of the filter:
- Protects against scale;
- Decreases consumption and improves efficiency of washing agents;
- Decreases washing machine breakdowns;
- Decreases washing agents buying expenditures;
- No need of anti-scale agents for washing.

Stiron Water Filter Refill, for washing machine

Stiron Water Filter Refill, for washing machine

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Reduction ClaimsScale
Max. Pressure6.3 bar