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Bacterial Filter

Protect Yourself From Bacteria

Bacteria is found in drinking water everywhere and if you are in an area where these problems are significant, it can be a good idea to purify your drinking water with a bacterial filter. 

Bacteria varies in size, down to 0,2 µm. This makes them easy to filter out with a very fine filter membrane. 

In addition to the 0,2 µm filter membrane, some bacterial filters have activated carbon and other components to ensure high quality drinking water. 

Bacterial Filter

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  1. Vana V1045PP Bacteria Filter
    • Reduction Claims: Cyst, Bacteria
    • Flow: 20 l/min
    • Filtration Rate (µm): 0.45 µm
    • Connection: 3/4"

    Full price €128.73 €102.98

    The V1045PP Bacteria Reducing filter from Vana has a pore-rating of 0.45 µm. Despite this pore-rating, the filter cartridge has a effectivity of 99.994% towards particle at 0.2 µm. 

    This makes the V1045PP a great choice when you have to reduce the bacterial count on more than one application. 

    To ensure the highest quality filtration, and longest lifetime of the filter cartridge, it is recommended to use prefiltration. 

    We recommend the following prefilters:

    • Vana V1050
    • Vana V1055



  2. Crystal HB - Blødgørende System m. Bakterie Filter
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Scale, Bacteria, Taste & Odour, Heavy Metals, Organics

    Full price €292.81 €234.25 Regular Price €308.54

    Crystal HB System is the same as the well known Crystal H Softening System, with the addition of a Bacteria Filter that all plugs up in the convenient Quadro head.

    Also included in the package is hoses and the optional faucet.

  3. Crystal K7B Micro Filter - Anti-Bakteriel
    • Capacity: 6000 litres
    • Filtration Rate (µm): 0.1 µm
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Cyst, Bacteria, Ocher, Taste & Odour, Rust, Heavy Metals, Organics, Colour
    €99.72 €79.78 As low as €89.75

    A hollow fiber membrane installed at the entrance of the module removes particles as small as 0.1 micron and provides 99.99% protection from bacteria.

    This replacement filter uses an ultra- dense CarbFiber Block made from powdered activated coconut shell carbon. It removes the residual concentrations of organic contaminants and heavy metals. It filters particles down to 0.8 micron in size.

    Modified Aqualen fibers distribute the water flow in the ultra-dense filter medium, resulting in the best purification

    The replacement filter contains silver in its active ionic form.

  4. 3M AP3 filter C762 Bakterier (Bacterial)
    • Capacity: 7600 litres
    • Filtration Rate (µm): 0.2 µm
    • Reduction Claims: Chlorine, Sediment, Cyst, Bacteria, Taste & Odour, Colour
    €149.75 €119.80

    AP3 is an activated carbon filter with a built-in 0.2 µm filter membrane.

    The filter membrane retains 99.99% of bacteria in the water and the activated charcoal improves taste and smell.

    The AP3 is designed for mounting under the sink or near where you need the water.

    For best filtration, it is recommended to use the filter only on a single tap or tap.

  5. Crystal Solo Hoved
    • Connection: 6mm JG (hose)
    €26.10 €20.88

    Crystal is a modular filter series from Aquaphor that lets you choose exactly which stages you want in your water filtration. 

    The Solo filter head is the link between a single cartridge and your water. The filter head has 6mm JG in/out connections and holds a single Crystal filter cartridge. 

    Filter exchange is made easy thanks to the filterhead which shuts off the water as soon as you take out the filter cartridge. The Solo filter head comes with a bypass plug that you can insert in place of a filter cartridge if you need unfiltered water to flow through the head. 

    If you want more than 1 stage filtration, we recommend to take a look at the Crystal H Water System or the Quadro Filter Head.

  6. 3M VH3 Head for SGP/AP3
    As low as €41.83 €33.46

    The VH3 filter head fits 3M's AP3 series and the entire ScaleGard Pro filter series close to size 1175.

    The filter head has a built-in valve that shuts off the water when you unscrew the filter cartridge, which means that you do not have to close your water when changing the filter.

    The filter head is available with 3/8 "thread or 10mm JG connection.

  7. Crystal Quattro (4) Multi-Hoved Kit
    €90.35 €72.28

    The Quadro Filter head from the Aquaphor Crystal series allows for 4 filter cartridges to be installed. This gives you the possibility to clean your water and remove a wide range of contaminants. 


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