Ocher filter Kit - Vana 10" - 28 l/min

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Vana Ocher kit is for you who wants an effective filtration solution for your drinking water.

You get clean drinking water which is healthier for the body, gives the coffee a better taste and happier flowers and much more.

You can use the ocher kit whether you get your water from your local waterworks or from your own well.

With a flow of 28 l / min, this kit is suitable for households with 2-4 people.

Total dimensions:
Height: 294 mm

Width: 256 mm

Connection ¾”

Maximum working pressure 8 bar.

The housings and elements are made of food approved and BPA-free materials.

We recommend replacing the filters approx. every 6 months to prevent bacteria from forming in the filter.

Vana 10

Vana 10" Ocher 3 Elements Set

Vana 10

Vana 10" Jumbo Ocher filter Kit - 80 l/min

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Vana Ocher kit consists of 2 Vana 9¾" filter housings in plastic with thread in brass.

Also included:

1 piece. The Vana Depth 9¾ "- 5µm filter is placed as a pre-filter in the first house where the water enters.

1 piece. The Vana Pleat 9¾ "- 0.5µm filter is placed in housing no. 2 and acts as the ocher filter. It removes smaller particles such as ocher, rust and microplastic.

1 pcs. PVC Nipples

2 pcs. complete wall brackets with screws.

1 piece. key to replace the filters with.

The kit should be mounted as close to the water entrance to the house as possible so that the water does not travel too far through the pipes. This gives the best result. It should preferably be mounted inside. If it is mounted outside or in a well, it should be protected from frost.

Remember to test your water to see what it contains so you can see if you can benefit from the ocher filter kit. If you have visible particles in your water, it is a good sign that you can benefit from the ocher kit.

The ocher kit does not remove lime. If you want to remove the lime from your water, we have other good solutions for this.

More Information
Flow (l/min)28
TechnologyOcher Filtration
Reduction ClaimsSediment, Ocher, Rust
ApplicationsDrinking Water
Max. Temperature40 °C