Vana 20" Jumbo Ocher 3 Element Set

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Vana 20” Jumbo ocher 3 element sets are replacement elements for the Vana 20” Jumbo ocher kit with three filter housings.

The set contains:

  • 1 piece. The Vana Depth 20” Jumbo - 5µm filter is placed as a pre-filter in the first housing where the water enters.
  • 1 piece. The Vana Pleat 20” Jumbo - 0.5µm filter is placed in housing no. 2 and acts as the ocher filter. It removes smaller particles such as ocher, rust and microplastic.
  • 1 piece. Vana AC 20” Jumbo - The activated carbon filter is placed in the last housing and absorbs bad taste and odors from the water as well as pesticides and dyes.

The filters should be replaced every 6 months to prevent bacteria from forming in the filter.

The elements are made of food approved and BPA-free materials.


  • Height: 508 mm
  • Inner diameter: 28 mm
  • Outer diameter: 110 mm
Vana 20

Vana 20" Jumbo Ocher 2 Elements Set

Vana Pleat 5

Vana Pleat 5" Water Filter Element - 1µm

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More Information
Element Size20" - Long
Filtrationgrade(s)0,5, 5
Element Length (mm)508 mm
Element Diameter (mm)110 mm
Recommended Working Temperature (°C)40