Vana Slim 9¾" Filterhousing - 3/4"

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Vana Slim filter housings with brass inserts and transparent swamp.

Vana Slim filter housing is for you who want an effective filtration solution for your water.

You can use the filter housing regardless of whether you get your water from your local waterworks or from your own well drilling.

With a flow of 28 l/min, this kit is suitable for households with 2-4 people.

Total dimensions:

Height: 294 mm
Width: 128 mm
Connection ¾”
Max working pressure 8 bar.

The houses and elements are made of food-approved and BPA-free materials.


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Vana 5" Filterhousing

Vana Slim 20

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Our water filter housings are available in four different different flows. 14 l/min, 28 l/min, 80 l/min and 150 l/min.

Vana Small is the smallest water filter housing we have. Vana Small can filter up to 14 l/min, which corresponds to approx. 1 faucet or shower consumption. The mini filter housing is transparent and has brass thread.

Vana Medium available in 3 different models. Single, Duplex and Triplex. This filter setup can filter up to 28 l/min, which corresponds to approx. 2 faucets or 2 showers. Medium filter housings are transparent and have brass thread.

Vana Jumbo Available in two sizes 80 l/min and up to 150 l/min. It uses filter elements with a larger diameter than the other Vana filter housings. Jumbo water filter housings are made of opaque plastic and have plastic threads.

Whichever filter house you choose, choose a filter housing that fits the house and fits the filtering task.

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Flow (l/min)28 (~ 2 vandhaner)
Material (Housing)Polypropylene
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