Vana Pleat 9¾" - Water filter

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Vana Pleat 9¾"

Vana Pleat 9¾" water filter fits Vana Slim 9¾" filter housing. 

Surface filter is made from polyester and polypropylene.

This is the standard type filter element with high dirt holding capacity and good efficiency.

Choose your filtration rate based on your application.

  • 0,5 µm: Fine filtration. Not recommended without 5 µm prefiltration. Use this filter to retain fine particles.
  • 5 µm: Standard filtration. Removes most common particles in the water and protects the rest of the line.
  • 20 µm: Coarse filtration. Use this filter if you have especially large particles in your water and you experience blocking with a 5 µm filter.

The filter should be replaced every 6 months to prevent bacteria growth in the filter. 

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Low levels of energy are required to flow liquids through these very efficient filters due to their exceptionally large surface area.

The innovative fibrous polyester media used in the construction of these filters increases the dirt holding capability when compared to single sheet media due to the depth characteristics of the packed fibres. The use of resilient polyester media also means the filters can be used with microbiologically untreated liquids such as borehole and river water as well as harsher chemicals as used in the plating industry for instance, this makes them the ideal choice for a variety of incoming liquid applications.

Pleating media allows more media to be packed into each cartridge

Small, medium & large = 1380 mm Length of media.

Jumbo 10" & 20" = 4840 mm length of media. 

WRAS approved, these cartridges are capable of removing dirt, sand, sediment and other particulate at a highly efficient rate of 90% at the stated micron level.
Constructed using bonded vinyl plastisol end-caps ensures the integrity of the pleat pack which is then further enhanced by the use of a tough polypropylene core. The moulded end-caps means no lost end-caps during changeouts and their malleability ensures the optimum seal against the knife-edge of the housing during service.

With almost 7 times the surface area of a cylindrical filter, the pleated construction maximises the amount of media used which then optimises service life and makes these cartridges very economical to use.

  • Cartridges are formed around a polypropylene core, with the polyester media secured by bonded vinyl plastisol end caps to ensure filter integrity
  • An economic, versatile and high flow capacity pre-filter
  • The large surface area of the Pleat² creates a filter with superior dirt holding capacity
  • Available in large diameter 10" and 20" lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency
More Information
Element Size9¾" - Standard
Filter MediaPolypropylene
Efficiency90 %
Filter service life6 Months max.
Max. Temperature38 °C
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