Water Softener System

Tired of limescale in your home? Would you like to get Ultrasoft water?

Then a Water Softener is the way forward for softer, better and cleaner water.

Filter-Online has 4 different softening systems, so there is also a system that suits your taste and your needs.

Smartflow 125 and 250 are the classic softening plant, which has a high performance, large amount of resin and large salt container.

Smartflow S100 and S200 are more space-saving and elegant in appearance. The plants still have a solid performance, despite the new and narrow design. So if space is tight in the house, then an S100 and S200 will be an obvious choice.

Up to and including 31/8 - 2022, a year set is included when you buy a Smartflow softener at Filter-Online.

For Smartflow 125 and S100, an annual set consists of 4 x 25 kg salt and 5 liters of resin cleaner.
For Smartflow 250 and S200, an annual set consists of 6 x 25 kg salt and 5 liters of resin cleaner.

Why choose Smartflow? Read more -> Smartflow


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  1. Gross 10" Filterhousing - 1" - incl. 5my Filter
    • Dimensions: 180 x 185 x 360 (DxWxH) mm
    • Flow (l/min): 80
    • O-ring Material: EPDM
    • Max. Pressure: 6,3 bar
    • Max. Temperature: 38 °C
    • Material (Housing): Polypropylene
    • Connection: 1"
    • Size: 10" Jumbo

    This package contains:

    Filter-element (5my depth-filter)
    Wrench for filterhousing

    All in the box

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  2. Gross 10” Active Carbon Filter Element
    • Element Size: 10" - Gross (Jumbo)
    • Filtration Rate (micron): 5 µm
    • Filter Media: Activated Carbon
    • Max. Temperature: 40 °C

    Gross activated carbon block cartridge treats water by removing the bad taste, odour and appearance associated with chemical and organic pollutants.
    Contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, solvents, dyes are all treated along with the removal of organics through absorption. 

    The concentration and types of contaminants present combined with the speed of flow determines the capacity and service life of the cartridge. Carbon requires contact time with water to be effective, the slower the flow, the better the result because there is time for the carbon to adsorb the contaminants.

    What is activated carbon?

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What does a water softener system do?

The reason why people want a water softener is because they live in an area where the water is categorised as hard. The softener retains calcium and magnesium as a result of an exchange of ions, and the water is then distributed around the home’s water supply. It’s important to emphasise that the system does not extract the volume of calcium and magnesium completely, but reduces it, so that the water’s °dH (deutsche Härte) falls within the range for what is regarded as being soft water (4-8 °dH).

Furthermore, Smartflow water softener systems are fitted with an active charcoal filter, which removes earth-like smells and pesticides. We have written an article on water’s journey from groundwater to drinking water, in which you can read about why water from the tap contains pesticides.

Why choose a water softener system?

Maybe you’ve heard a friend or colleague talking about water softeners, that they reduce the calcium content in water, but you’re still not entirely clear about what specific benefits they have? In such case, read on and find out more.

If the calcium content is too high, the life span of your home’s appliances and kitchen equipment is reduced, as limescale builds up in inlets and outlets, and if you don’t descale them, it’s practically impossible to get them calcium-free again. Once the limescale starts to form, the machines performance will also be affected. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the problem in the shower, where the shower head sprays water all over the place because the small holes are blocked up with lime. Another example is the electric kettle which loses its heating capacity because of the build-up of limescale. And it’s not just in machines where lime is visible, it also has a stiffening effect on clothes, and it builds up on tiles and in the wash basin, where limescale forms in gaps and on the surface.

Another reason is that a reduced amount of calcium in the water is good for your body. As calcium absorbs liquid, an increased calcium content in the body can cause constipation and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

Maybe you’re thinking, “but surely we need calcium?”. This is also correct, but where the body would be happy with a calcium content in the range of 4-8 °dH, the content in many parts of e.g Denmark is far higher. And, as already mentioned, it also has the advantage that water tastes better, something you notice if you live in or near cities, where water often has an aftertaste due to a higher proportion of bacteria in the ground.

Installing a Smartflow

The system should be positioned at the side of the water pipe that supplies your home. You will need to get a plumber to help you to fit the system correctly, according to its purpose. You should also note that an installation kit should be purchased in addition, as we don’t know beforehand what the distance is from the water softener system to the water pipe that supplies your home.