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All products within Water Treatment have been transferred to our sister company, Nordic Filtration. Here you will find a wide range of Reverse Osmosis products suitable for both small and large applications, UV disinfection systems, and water softening units suitable for, among others, apartment complexes with multiple units.

You can visit them by using the following link: Nordic Filtration (link opens in a new window to an external website)

Water Treatment

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Reverse Osmosis from AQUAPHOR

Reverse osmosis in the form of Crystal RO-202 for homes, the system can easily be placed under the sink, after which you can obtain soft water, while also removing bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and much else unnecessary from the water - all in one set.

A Crystal RO-202 is extremely space-saving and has 4 cartridges attached that can be easily changed without the use of tools. This therefore makes the use of this reverse osmosis system quite easy.

Reverse osmosis from AQUAPHOR is also available for professional companies - here, too, with a particular focus on removing bacteria from the water. Reverse osmosis has, among other things, its justification in connection with washing dishes in an industrial kitchen - if a Smartflow water softener is connected in front, of course, as the membranes in reverse osmosis are very sensitive and thus cannot withstand limescale. These two systems in linked mode will give a super nice result of the washed glasses and crockery. No limescale stains or other traces of dirt.