Reverse Osmosis - Whole Home

Eco-friendly and multipurpose whole-home & commercial RO station.

Reverse Osmosis - Whole Home

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  1. APRO 1000 Whole Home RO water purifier
    • Inlet Connection: 1" NPTF
    • Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPTF
    • Concentrate Outlet Connection: 1/2" NPTF
    • Flow (LPH): 1000 l/h
    • Production of Clean Water LPH: 1000
    • max. Reduction of salt content, %: Up to 96 %
    • Membrane Quantity: 4
    • Membrane's type: 4 x 4040
    • System recovery, %: Up to 95 %
    • Dimensions, mm: 600 x 800 x 1650 mm mm

    Whole-home & commercial water purifier. Eco-friendly and multipurpose whole-home RO station.
    Affordable and practical water purifier for houses, small municipal entities or local businesses. Fully automatic all-in-one solution that replaces salt-emitting water softeners and cuts maintenance costs.

    Can be used with any water
    Purifies practically any tap or artesian well water up to 30 meq/L hardness and/or 10 mg/L iron.

    Smart permeate recovery up to 95%
    Patented, computer-controlled high-frequency drainage system. High-speed water recirculation. Drastic reduction of the wastewater volumes.

    Drastic energy use reduction up to 50%
    Extremely low energy consumption due to the combination of a small high-efficiency booster pump (up to 16 bar) and a recirculation pump.

    Reduced consumption of antiscalants
    The system works either without any antiscalant or with the reduced consumption of antiscalants.

    Optional: Rainwater purification

    Optional: Permeate water RO mineralization stage

    Extra benefits:

    • Fully automatic
    • Permeate recovery up to 99%
    • Extended membrane life
    • Easy maintenance
    • Space saving design
    • Low cost operation
    • High capacity patented prefiltration
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