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Water filters for drinking water

At Filter-Online we are experts in water filtering, and we have water filters for all needs. As you can see in the menu, we have divided the filters into 3 overall categories: Drinking Water, Café and Restaurant and Water Treatment. This enables you to find the filter that suits you more quickly.


Are you in doubt about why you need to use a water filter?

The most common reason why people use water filters is because they want to filter pesticides and viruses from their drinking water. Our water in Denmark is full of pesticides from agriculture and viruses from the ground, as it has not been purified before it reaches our taps. We have written an article about water’s journey from the ground to the tap, which gives you a more detailed insight into this.

Another reason is that people want softer water, because of the high calcium content in the groundwater that is pumped and distributed to Danish households. We have also written an article on how a water softener system can help you to reduce the calcium content.


It’s easy to get clean water

Around 2.5 million Danes rent their homes, which makes it difficult for them to invest in any kind of installation, as they either have no access to the necessary sources of water, or do not want to invest money in rented accommodation, as the investment does not benefit themselves, but the landlord. But there are solutions that do not require much, but which can, nevertheless, provide you with clean drinking water. If you live in a flat in one of the country’s cities, a water filter will be the ideal thing to take a closer look at. It doesn’t just purify the water, it also reduces its calcium content.


What does a water filter do - and what does it purify?

There are many types of water filters, all of which can do different things and have different purposes. What all filters have in common is that they contain membranes that allow some molecules to pass through, while holding others back. The particles that can either pass through or are held back are measured in μ. Depending on the μ-size, there are different filters that are suitable for these particles. Fortunately, we have made it easy to find the right filter housings, so you don’t need to worry about it. When you click on a given product, you will see a row at the bottom, which we call Related products.

As water runs through the filter, the filter makes sure it filters out what the filter is designed for. For instance, if you have a water softener, the filter will prevent calcium from filtering through, while small particles such as pesticides will still be able to pass through. Therefore, if you want pesticides to be filtered out as well, you should get yourself a water filter that can handle this. This could be an activated carbon water filter, for example.

If you’re in any doubt about what filter you need, and if you’re at all able to have a filter system installed, contact us and we can have a chat about what options you have.


A water filter is an investment

The thing with molecules and particles in water is that we can’t see them with our bare eyes. Therefore, it’s also perfectly normal to think that the water we drink from the tap is clean, because it looks like water, after all. It’s just that this water is full of pesticides and viruses, but because we can’t see them, we don’t think about them when we pour the water into our bodies.

And for this very reason, that we can’t see the impurities in the water, we might think that investing in a water filter is a bit superfluous. The thing is that it is not just an investment in your housekeeping, but also an investment for yourself and your body. You won’t see any changes from one day to the next, but when you come to change the water filter, you’ll be able to see with your own eyes all the dirt the filter has collected, and which has been filtered out of the very water you have been drinking.