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Water Filter

Water Filter

The water filter in this category can remove calcium, iron, ocher, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and other gases, as well as generally taste and odor from the water.

Billede: 2342 

Ultra-Pure Water filter series

If you have problems with particles or ocher in your drinking water, a water filter is a good and cost effective solution to the problem.

Our water filters has the capacity to handle everything from a single faucet to filtering water from a shared well drilling.


To find the right size filter you must know the max flow of your household. An ordinary faucet or shower uses about 14 l/min. So a good starting point for max flow is the number of showers or taps to be run at the same time.


Filter housing Number of taps
Vana Small 1
Vana Medium 2
Vana Jumbo 10" 5
Vana Jumbo 20" 10



Vana Medium Water Filter incl. element - 28 l / min

EUR 57,00EUR 47,00EUR 58,75
Item no:UP001KIT
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Waterfilter Vana Okker Kit, small - 14 l / min

EUR 109,00EUR 80,00EUR 100,00
Item no:UPM002KIT

Vana Jumbo water filter incl. element - 80 l / min

EUR 126,00EUR 113,00EUR 141,25
Item no:UPJ001KIT
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Waterfilter Vana Oekter Kit, Medium - 28 l / min

EUR 147,00EUR 120,00EUR 150,00
Item no:UP002KIT

Waterfilter Vana Oks, Taste and Odor Kit, small - 15 l / min

EUR 170,00EUR 121,00EUR 151,25
Item no:UPM003KIT

Waterfilter Vana Ocher, Taste and Odor Kit, medium - 28 l/min

EUR 192,00EUR 141,00EUR 176,25
Item no:UP003KIT

Waterfilter Vana Okker Kit, Jumbo - 80 l / min...

EUR 256,00EUR 227,00EUR 283,75
Item no:UPJ002KIT

Waterfilter Vana Oks, Taste and Odor Kit, Jumbo - 80 l / min

EUR 413,00EUR 348,00EUR 435,00
Item no:UPJ003KIT


More about flow

To calculate a more accurate maximum flow you can use these figures as a starting point.


Application Water usage
Regular shower 12-16 l/min
Saving shower 6-10 l/min
Regular faucet 12-16 l/min
Saving faucet 3-9 l/min
Regular toilet 6 l/flush
New/2-flush 3 eller 6 l/flush
Older (10 years) washing machine 80-100 l/wash
Newer washing machine 40-80 l/wash
Older dishwasher 20-23 l/wash
Newer dishwasher 13-20 l/wash




Worth knowing about Water Filtration

Aqua-Pure water filters produced by 3M, which is one of the world's largest producer of vandfilter- and water treatment systems.

Aqua-Pure is tried and tested over many years and the quality therefore very top, this provides a great security for optimum water quality.
Aqua-Pure, with its fixed, rigid structure able to withstand high differential pressure and stressful conditions such. water hammer
Home users have an opportunity today to collect information about their water supply GEUS has created a program called Jupitor which can be accessed by all. A program where you enter your waterworks and thus can retrieve all the information that is available about the water that comes out of the tap.

Go to GEUS jupitor program here



Why is it important to know what's in the water?
In Denmark, we are governed by the laws of potable water in accordance with EU standards. It can be difficult to grasp a piece of legislation but where it is important for the consumer to deal with this is by looking closely at the regulatory requirement to Water companies have only requirements to meet certain requirements and apply from drilling to the entrance of your home, everything from there is up to the consumer to handle.

See Council of the European Union reproduction 98/83 / EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of drinking water here.


If you want to make a more detailed or specific water to a certain degree of clean water, we conduct a wide range of Point-of-Use filters, which ScaleGuard cartridges are especially suitable for filtering water for hot water systems, vending machines, steamers and combi ovens with steam function. These filters are also used for general protection of washing machines in the business. We have besides these specialized filters for soft drink (soda etc.) Vending machines, ice machines and for example espresso machines with a need for a greater flow approach. We also have a solution for general drinking water, if you want to be able to drink water from the tank on your boat or caravan, or you need particularly effective action to obtain safe drinking water at home or in the accommodation, we also Potable Water filter series "AP3" with active carbon and membrane technology greatly reduces chlorine and either lime or bacteria from the drinking water.