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Water Filter » Aqua-Pure Filter

Aqua-Pure Filter


 Billede: 2329

In Denmark waterworks traditionally very efficient and skilled to clean and filter our water, to a degree that gives us some of the purest water in the world, but despite this, there may be loose particles in the water. The particles often come from old water pipes, private wells and sometimes from water pumps in tall buildings and the like.
3M is a leading supplier of filter housings for the industry. They develop their products so that they can maintain this position.
Aqua-Pure series is produced from more than 80 years of experience in water purification for particulate matter and odor or taste genes.
The filters water from the aqua-Pure is used for filtering in respect of taste, smell, dirt, rust and hard water.
The filter housing is available in both polypropylene for general needs and stainless steel for use under higher pressures, such as high-rise buildings with its own water pump and private wells.








Aqua Pure AP 055 T - 3/4" BSP - 28 l/min

EUR 101,00EUR 80,00EUR 100,00
Item no:E-70020017896

Aqua Pure AP1610 SS - 3/4" BSPT - 22-28 l/min

EUR 349,00EUR 436,25
Item no:E-70020014455

Aqua Pure AP2610 SS - 3/4" BSP - 52 l/min

EUR 533,00EUR 666,25
Item no:E-70020114198




Model Nr. Connection Dimensions (mm) Max. flow Tryktab* Max. Temperatur Max. Vandtryk
 Height Max. Ø
AP 055


 333 116 25 l/min

0,1 bar

v. 25 l/min

38°C 8,5 bar
Jumbo Filterhus 1" BSP   354 184 80 l/min

0,1 bar

v. 25 l/min

38°C 7 bar 


Type VVS - nr. Beskrivelse Filtreringsgrad Applikation   Max. flow
         Snavs/rust Smag/lugt Kalk/rust  l/min
AP-1001 39.8981.101  Fin 1 my

AP-110 39.8981.105  Standard 5 my     25
AP-111 39.8981.125 Medium 25 my

AP-124 39.8981.150 Grov 50 my     25
AP-117 39.8983.105 Standard (kul) 5 my

AP-810 39.8989.105 Normal 5 my     106
AP-811 39.8989.125 Medium 25 my

AP-814 39.8989.350 Heavy 50 my

AP-817 39.8989.605 Normal (kul) 25 my





Specifkationer og montage:

AP055 Billede: 1633
Billede: 1633